Prince Animage Autumn 2012, PASH! November 2012

Prince Animage Autumn 2012: Kirino/Kariya+Aliea+One-eyed – Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) & Tai Yuuki (Kariya Masaki) interview, Aliea Arc character interviews, One-eye character interviews no summary
Poster (those without access will not see the image):


Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) & Tai Yuuki (Kariya Masaki) interview
✿ Interviewer notes that Shindou never finds out about Kirino’s feelings about falling behind, and Tai Yuuki adds that Shindou never realized that Kariya was bullying him either. Interviewer asks if Kobayashi wants to punch Shindou because of it, and Kobayashi goes “No way!”
✿ They continue on the subject, Kobayashi notes that “not noticing” is just another show of Kirino and Shindou’s close friendship. Shindou never finding out about Kirino’s feelings about falling behind was intentional on Kirino’s part, since Kirino didn’t want to burden Shindou with his feelings in that way.

Aliea Arc character interviews:
Kodaira Yuuki (Reize)
Hikida Takashi (Desarm)
Furushima Kiyotaka (Burn)
Takimoto Fujiko (Gazel)
Mizushima Takahiro (Gran)

✿ The picture of the five Aliea seiyuu is made to match the pose from the poster to the left of it, except instead of Aphrodi’s seiyuu, Hikida Takashi (Desarm) is in the position.
✿ Furushima notices that Midorikawa calls out “Burn!” without any honorifics, unlike “Saginuma Osamu-san”, and thus goes “I’m shocked that even the Second Rank would call his actual name without honorifics”
✿ Talks of Aliea if they were a family. Hiroto would be the oldest sibling, followed by Haruya, Suzuno, and finally Midorikawa. Saginuma would be the daddy…
✿ Talks of Midorikawa being the “runt” of the family, even though he was taller than Hiroto at first. 10 Years later Hiroto is taller than Midorikawa, however.

Might do some more summary, might not. XD;

PASH! November 2012: Chrono Stone Sangokushino summary
Poster (those without access will not see the image):


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  • Mirai-chan

    Thank you so much!!!!! I can´t see the poster but thanks for the other great scans! :)

  • Fubuki-kun

    woooooh that’s great and awesome!! I liked (the Aliea) part <3
    please translate more of the alien part o(≧o≦)o..
    thank you very muuuuuch *hugs*

  • Kazemaru-lover

    Thank you Splash for sharing these awesome things XD

    Old Raimon members are very cute. I don’t understand what’s going on but I think that it’s funny ^o^
    Aliea academy captains’ part is the best. Nagumo’s seiyuu is evil like him. Want to know more if you don’t mind of course.
    I don’t know but I feel that Kazemaru and Sakuma’s part is talking about one eye boys XD

    Thanks again.

  • Anshie

    Awwww~ aliea babies! *A* Thanks for the summary. Would love to read more of this one. *___*

  • Tsurugi

    Thanx for sharing this with us Slpash XD!!
    How can I see the poster? ~ I hope you will answer soon ~ ^^

  • Calm Blue

    Thanks for the scans!

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