News – “24-Hour Inazuma TV” Special To Be Shown Through Ustream

Title: 24-Hour Inazuma TV
Subtitle: Level-5 Fan Appreciation Special Program
Date: December 10 (Sat) – December 11 (Sun) (Time not specified yet)

From activities to challenge the Inazuma fan in you, to new info on the upcoming Inazuma GO and Extreme games, the 24-hours will be filled from start to finish by programming created along with fans for an experience like no other!

*Information subject to change.

Official Site
Official Site 2

8 comments to News – “24-Hour Inazuma TV” Special To Be Shown Through Ustream

  • cariwi


    • If they’re very generous like for the Level-5 World Conference they’ll put up clips of the full thing sometime after they’re done airing live :D We’ll see ^^;

      • cariwi

        i’m kind of nervous about what they’re gonna release, like plot twist and old characters becoming strange people, or couples fandom won’t like, but what i’m 100% sure is that we’ll be flipping tables across the universe like gods

        • Rui Craveiro

          Me too… the trailer of the “Inazuma Eleven Go!” games already released a plot twist I wasn’t surely expecting and something I wouldn’t want to see in the anime version but I might think as well that it will happen somehow – what could they release more, both positive and negative?

  • Asamisa

    I wish I could watch it! D: Damn it, my internet is painfully slow.

    That reminds me, it was announced that the first movie is already dubbed to be aired in latin america, but there’s no info about if it’s gonna be aired in TV or in theaters.

    I would go for the second option, no matter if my sister mock of me for Kidou’s penguins XD (she hates them).

  • TerumiTopFan

    What ustream channel will it be on?

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