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Animage November 2018

Animage November 2018: Highlight: Ares President Hino interview w/ summaries

No scans, because I didn’t buy it or have time to scan~

Special thanks to onkeikun for providing this summary!

Hino’s interview in animage nov. edition:
1) outei tsukinomiya became free after the match. although gekko electronics didn’t drop their sponsorship right away, outei is no longer being educated by the ares system
2) the children’s center that nosaka was in was full of children with high potential and various abilities that were summoned and gathered by gekko electronics. they weren’t children who had problems at home
akane was also picked by gekko because they saw some kind of talent in her
3) haizaki began soccer at grades 5-6 in elementary school, in order to bring down ares. nosaka began soccer earlier than him, probably somewhere between grades 1-3
nosaka was made to learn soccer by the children’s center because it’s a popular sport, and even as a kid he could do anything, so the higher-up people ordered him to do it
4) nosaka’s room at outei is a little bit more extravagant than what you would expect from student dorms because he’s the top in the ares cluster. it’s kind of like a business hotel room with a shower. but hino says there is no autolock on the door, probably to keep students from locking themselves in
5) hino thinks that nosaka’s parents have divorced, because after they dropped him at the children’s center, they never came to see him again. this gave nosaka a trauma that his actions are meaningless, which is why he wanted to do something that would have an affect on the world. hino says that nosaka was thirsty for love, but nosaka didn’t want to admit that about himself, so he says things that make it seem like he’s disinterested in other people
6) nosaka and nishikage met in 6th grade, which is when nishikage started to play soccer. kozoumaru also met gouenji in 6th grade. hino thinks that if nishikage met gouenji instead, nishikage would be a FW practicing fire tornado
7) michinari will return as raimon’s captain. asuto being captain is only temporary. it’s also possible that haizaki’s transfer into raimon is temporary and he’ll be returning to seishou
8) haizaki’s uniform number in raimon being 14 is a homage to kidou. haizaki also knows this, and hino will leave it to your imagination on whether it was haizaki who said he wanted the 14 uniform, or it was kidou who said he should be 14 in raimon
9) in the ares world, there are plenty of soccer matches being held so haizaki didn’t necessarily have to transfer into raimon just to beat nosaka. however, because FF is only held once a year, haizaki wanted to defeat him at FF in order to bring the greatest embarrassment to the ares program. haizaki couldn’t wait until next year’s FF
10) the apartment that haizaki lives in with his parents is actually really small for a 3-person family. it shows just how poor they are.
11) the children’s center isn’t an elementary school, it’s more like a place for after-school classes where the children also board. so nosaka goes to a regular elementary school in the day, then goes back to the children’s center at night. therefore, the children in the center aren’t necessarily being taught in the same elementary schools. the parents that leave them there find merit in the place because they’re busy with work and don’t have the time to come home to care for them
12) the ares program is used by different schools other than outei. midouin used it to bring out abilities in ares children in fields other than soccer. it’s just that at the current point in time, soccer is where he’s investing the most
13) kidou went to seishou rather than teikoku because he thought being at teikoku would bring things back to the way things were before and be unstimulating. kidou wanted a new teikoku to be made under sakuma
14) managers are different from raimon club members when they were separated into differnt schools, in that aki chose to go with endou and haruna chose to go with kidou; that’s why those two weren’t forced to go to other schools. hino thinks that endou, went he went to tonegawa, called coach hibiki to join him there too, raising tonegawa’s power by having three raimon people there
15) the teams that play against teikoku get stronger after losing because kageyama digs into their weakness during the match. although the teams lose once, this forces them to realize what their weakness is and improve on it
16) kageyama says “the pus has fallen out” during the teikoku match because, after kidou left, teikoku was not unified as a team even though they had high ability. they became weak-willed and unstable, to the point that they couldn’t even go against fudou all by himself. but they form together because they all share in common the view that kageyama is their enemy. kageyama became the bad person on purpose to help them unify
17) hino says there’s no telling if fudou transferring to teikoku was part of kageyama’s plot, but fudou chose on his own to go to teikoku. the reason why fudou was left to do as he pleased when joining teikoku’s soccer club, however, was very much part of kageyama’s plot
18) kageyama joined the ares revival program to help ares, in exchange for shortening his prison sentence. kageyama probably saw it as his chance to bring back life to the soccer world in addition to helping ares. it’s possible that midouin was also personally a fan of kageyama; midouin has connections to the government as well, and he uses money to make things go his way
19) hino says it’s possible that kiyo (the grandma coach on zeus’ team) is a god
20) daddy kira was hesitant about creating the soccer club at eisei that hitomiko proposed, because he didn’t think his son hiroto would gain anything from playing soccer. he would rather have hiroto study and become someone who would properly lead the family business. daddy kira is very strict on his son, making his love for him difficult to convey
21) tatsuya didn’t want to join the soccer club in outer code, but gives in because he really does love soccer. hino says that tatsuya is the type to do something thoroughly once he’s decided to do it (my son:heart:)
22) raimon members that are located further away from tokyo, like endou and someoka, either live in the student dorms there or in an apartment that’s furnished by the soccer association. hino thinks that hakuren has student dorms. but if it’s a place that the soccer association lent to them, it might be a nice room where they can invite their friends
23) someoka doesn’t have a combo attack with the fubukis because in this world “wyvern blizzard” hasn’t been made. someoka also isn’t on the representative team, so maybe we’ll never get to see a combo play between them? but hino says that could change depending on everyone’s support in the future
24) tatsuya didn’t tell midorikawa and the others about meeting hiroto at a young age because “he can read the atmosphere.” tatsuya kept it a secret because he thought it wasn’t something that he should be talking about freely. he also didn’t want it to get out of hand and upset his dad, especially since there were rumors that hiroto was a problem child
25) hino thinks that gouenji and kazemaru hearing everyone around them screaming “endou endou!” in the tonegawa match actually forced them to keep their cool instead of joining in with “gooo endou!”
the two listened to it and inside were thinking “endou sure is popular~”
26) for the ENTIRE YEAR, no one knew that majin the hand had a weakness on side attacks. hino thinks it’s because inamori has good insight
[1:32 PM] onkeikun: but i call bullshit
27) fuujin raijin means that endou hasn’t created a new technique IN AN ENTIRE YEAR, but hino says that he will have new techniques from here on in orion. endou was preoccupied guiding the tonegawa team in that year
28) soccer players are treated as idols in this world but they’re able to walk through towns normally, and hino explains that sometimes fans spot them on the road and just kind of look at them from a distance, rather than barging in on them in the middle of the road. there’s a possibility that there are people whispering to each other “whoooaaa, he’s eating an ice cream!” or “he’s playing a UFO catcher kyaaaa” around them
29) midouin’s goal, at the end, was making money. he wanted to promote the ares education system and sell it as a product. he didn’t have any interest in changing the world. since his business is involved in other things besides education though, he’ll be putting his investments into those fields from now on.
30) since midouin failed at promoting ares through outei, it’s likely that he’ll disappear from the soccer world now. gekko electronics itself will still be present, but the ares program will gradually fade. also, the team sponsorship in soccer association is unassociated with ares, so sponsors will continue to be there
31) the Override (that we only saw maybe once or twice LMAO) is similar to a shoot chain, but can be used in anything, it doesn’t have to be for a shoot chain.
32) the room breakup in orion at the sports center is two-people rooms: hino reveals asuto & goujin, haizaki & hiroto, ichiboshi & iwato, kazemaru & tatsuya. endou has his own room, probably because he’s captain
[1:43 PM] onkeikun: haizaki and hiroto wwwwwww
33) “ares” and “orion” are named, not due to greek mythology, but because hino wanted to use a “god of war” name. “the scales of ares” for instance, are meant to be the god of war ares holding scales, with the image that ares determines “what these people are fighting for” and how much worth and ability it holds on the scales
[1:45 PM] onkeikun: and i’m done, time to eat

News – Inazuma Walker Show to Stream Online

Starting September 30 at 21:00 JST (9/30 5am PST), a new monthly show called Inazuma Walker will air on Niconico and YouTube.

The hosts of the show will be LEVEL-5 CEO Hino Akikiro and Moo-chan (also from LEVEL-5). There are plans to present new information, invite special guests, and possibly air new “high quality” Inazuma Eleven anime even before the new anime starts.

Inazuma Walk Vol. 0 Program Contents:
-Presentation on the all-new original anime
-Information on “Inazuma Eleven Ares”
-Full audio commentary on “Inazuma Eleven” episode 1
-Talk corner about secret information
-Presentation of the new super-dimensional projects to come!!

Niconico: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv275796917
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFZ-PI4UIH8

Source: Famitsu
Official site