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News – Best Eleven Movie Summer 2014 (Updated)

An official site was opened to celebrate the news of the 5-Year Anniversary Best Eleven project getting a movie to be shown in theaters starting this summer!

Inazuma Best Eleven:
Shuu, Gouenji, Tsurugi
Shindou, Kidou, Tenma, Aphrodi
Kazemaru, Kinako, Kirino
Endou (Endou Kanon reserve)

Battle Eleven:
Hakuryuu, Baddap, Matatagi
Fei, Fudou, Saru, Gran
Beta, Ozrock, Zanark
Desarm (Rococo reserve)

Related trading Card Game, manga, and character song album to be released in the future as well. Stay tuned!

Also, President Hino of Level-5 says that Inazuma Eleven series is done for now but he would like to come back to it in the near future. “Please support Youkai Watch in the meantime!”

*edit 5/9/2014*
June Animage reveals that starting June 13, TOHO cinemas around Japan will be showing the movie “Inazuma Eleven Choujigen Dream Match” for two weeks.
(The two week limit and lack of advertising worries me that they’ll only be putting this on DVD and not bluray in the future, but I guess we’ll see)

Animage July 2013

Animage July 2013: Highlight: InaDan staff Miyao Yoshikazu (Director), Nitta Norio (Producer), Takeuchi Kyouko (Character Design, General Supervision) interview no summary

Poster (those without access will not see the image):


News – Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W Movie DVD/bluray

Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W Movie
Out on DVD/BD June 5, 2013!

Purchase at CDJapan:
DVD [regular] | DVD [limited]
bluray [regular] | bluray [limited]

Limited Edition bonuses:
-Inazuma Graphig (paper craft), 1 random out of 4 types
-Danball Senki W Golden Bookmark
-Original Outer Case
-Film Strip
-Password for secret characters in 3DS games (game sold separately)
-Settings artbook (~20 pages)
-Set of 4 postcards

Extra disc:
-Movie CMs, TV announcements
-Mascot PR video, Message Overcoming Time-Space
-Mameshiba Collaboration videos
-InaDan highlight videos (Inazuma/Danball versions)
-Seiyuu countdown relay
-InaDan Gag clips
-Mascot videos (Santa/traditional wear)
-TV Eyecatch promotions
-Non-credit ED

Other extras:
-InaDan Telephone compilation
-Hissatsu technique explanation subs (not quite sure what this is)
-Audio commentary track with seiyuu and production staff:
LEVEL-5 President Akihiro Hino, Director Miyao Yoshizaki, Terasaki Yuka (Tenma), Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi), Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou), Kubota Megumi (Ban), Oda Hisafumi (Jin).

New extra!
First press also DVD/BD also comes with a serial code to download the mp3 of the InaDan Drama CD. The download is planned to be available from sometime August 2013 through December 30, 2013.

Drama Contents:
Minamisawa returns to Inazuma Town?!
Raimon Eleven go to pick him up from the station. But Minamisawa doesn’t show up…
Instead, Inazuma Japan members show up one after another…
A super-dimensional drama that overcomes generations is about to start!

Appearing characters:
Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Zaizen Touko (CV: Takagaki Ayahi)
Kudou Fuyuka (CV: Tomatsu Haruka)
Kino Aki (CV: Orikasa Fumiko)
Fudou Akio (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

Kurumada Gouichi (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
Nishizono Shinsuke (CV: Tomatsu Haruka)
Hayami Tsurumasa (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Minamisawa Atsushi (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
Aoyama Shunsuke (CV: Orikasa Fumiko)

(As you can see, there are a lot of repeats between the generations… lol. Also, why is Touko there if Kurama [CV: Takagaki Ayahi] isn’t?)

Prince Animage Winter 2013 + PASH January 2013

Prince Animage Winter 2013: Highlight: InaDan Movie – Kimura Akiko (Fei Rune) & Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview, Oda Hisafumi (Kaidou Jin) interview no summary
PASH January 2013: Highlight: Shinsengumi & dinosaursno summary

Posters (those without access will not see the image):


PASH Jan 2013:

Will also get to summarizing these later~

Animage January 2013, Otomedia December 2012

Animage January 2013: Highlight: InaDan Movie Roman Album – Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, & Kitahara Sayaka (Tenma, Tsurugi, Aoi) interview, Inazuma Eleven cast comments, Kubota Megumi & Shimono Hiro (Ban & Hiro) interview, Danball Senki cast comments, Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview, Mitsuda Yasunori & Kondou Rei (Music) comments, TPK & Little Blue boX comments, New Years greetings no summaries

Posters (those without access will not see the image):

Otomedia (those without access will not see the image)

Roman Album:

Summaries saved for after RyRo subs InaDan movie, because there are plenty of spoilers in the comments/interviews~


Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, & Kitahara Sayaka (Tenma, Tsurugi, Aoi) interview

Inazuma Eleven cast comments

Kubota Megumi & Shimono Hiro (Ban & Hiro) interview

Danball Senki cast comments

Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview
⚡ The beginning of the movie is set to instrumental music instead of a song with lyrics, and the scene starting in the locker room with the soccer players is made to give a feel that “a soccer match is about to start!”
⚡ When Fubuki goes up to Someoka, Someoka says something like “I’ll just take it easy.” It’s his way of saying “Leave it to me” to break the high tension atmosphere in the locker room.
⚡ Fei steps in for Yukimura’s position in the second half of the movie, although with a different uniform number.
⚡ Hakuryuu and Tsurugi as the 2-Top for InaGo side, since Hakuryuu was the main opponent in the previous movie. Director notes that he had to have joined a jr. high school somewhere after God Eden closed up, since the team is an all-star team from the jr. high schools in the nation. Fei isn’t in the team since he isn’t in a jr. high school from their time.
⚡ Fudou’s planned hissatsu was cut out of the movie…(Director says “at least he’s not a bench warmer this time! (lol)”
⚡ A planned scene where Ban and Hiro come to TM Caravan to watch the stars at the top was cut out. There wasn’t enough space for all of them… Hiro would say “I know a good place!” thus leading them to Duck Shuttle.
⚡ When asked why the kids camped outside and not in Duck Shuttle, it was a matter of lack of space, and the fact that the forest itself was already protecting the kids. Since Fran doesn’t touch nature…
⚡ Since both this movie and movie precious both have a lot of scenes taking place in nature, they wanted to make sure things looked different this time. Instead of the “southern island” image that the previous movie had, they went with a location where you could see something similar to the Alps in the distance. God Eden had flowing rivers, but this time there is a lake.
⚡ The adults in Duck Shuttle spent most of their time investigation the surroundings instead of hanging out with the kids (as suspected…), also to give room for Fran to step in and stir up trouble.
⚡ Three of the tents came from the TM Caravan (one for the girls) while the two modern-looking ones came from Duck Shuttle. The setup made the part where Kazu and Ami’s CCMs are found in the Inazuma GO’s tent possible…
⚡ To make up a bit from his chaotic role in the previous movie, Hakuryuu took up a “Someoka”-like role… Such as taking a hit for the team when the adults blew back his Avatar, and instilling suspicions when the Ikaros LBX came into the scene.
⚡ Hakuryuu/Jin’s apology scene: Hakuryuu is a pretty honest kid; as long as he’s convinced of something, he’ll move right into action. Jin isn’t the type to argue in the first place, so he’s repenting on getting a little overheated. Good, common theme of shounen manga… the need to apologize appropriately.
⚡ The group fights at the top of Chaos Tower, at Lost World Stadium and Ruin of Heavens Diorama. Fran’s mothership is called Flau a Notorious フラウ・ア・ノートリアス.
⚡ The flower that Fran holds at the beginning of the movie is the flower that her parents gave her for her birthday present.
⚡ Fran, Asta and San’s name motifs are flower, earth, and sun respectively. The director depicts in his image that the three of them met at the research lab, and that Asta and San helped her out in the beginning. They all grew attached to each other and Fran became set on doing something to help them all out.
⚡ Within the mess of everyone arguing with each other, Yuuya’s the only one apologizing for things. XD “Yuuya’s a gentle kid, and it’s probably especially because it’s Jin. When Jin says ‘Be careful!’ Yuuya has nothing except to say ‘I’m sorry’ (lol)”
⚡ There were several ideas of how to perform God Hand W, particularly where to put the LBXs. Put them in front of the hands, put them behind the hands to push them, put them between the fingers (lol).

Questions for Music staff:
1. What kind of image does the music from Inadan present?
2. How was a collaboration between Inazuma Eleven’s Mitsuda-san and Danball Senki’s Kondou-san accomplished?
3. What kind of orders were given from the staff, such as Director Miyao?
4. What areas did you focus on when creating the music?
5. Tell us the music highlight points of the movie.
6. Any additional comments about the movie

Mitsuda Yoshinori (Music) interview
1. The themes for the music this time were “sorrow” and “friendship”. Fran’s sorrowful past is purified by the power of friendship.
2. Mitsuda and Kondou mixed the music together for the 5.1ch movie sound. They discussed ways to make the music flow between the scenes seamlessly.
3. There were some initial meetings with Director Miyao and Sound Director Mima. The purpose of the movie was to give the fans something memorable with so many characters from the original Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven GO, and Danball Senki W characters. They took very careful notice of the flow of the music and when each piece came in, as well as the theme with Fran.
4. They weren’t given many specific directions on certain pieces, but even then they would take all the time they had to go over the arrangements and discuss things with each other about how they wanted to start and end things.
5. The movie was about 1hr30min while there is 1hr15min of music. Since there is music for almost the entire movie, it is a very engrossing musical experience. Since there aren’t other opportunities to hear Inazuma Eleven and Danball Senki music together, please pay careful attention to it!
6. “It’s a very passionate movie (lol). But I was especially touched by the way Tenma, Ban, and Hiro cooperated with each other to accomplish their goal. You can feel a lot of friendship out of this movie. It makes you feel really refreshed afterwards, and I hope a lot of people get to see it.”

Kondou Rei (Music) interview
1. Instead of “adding Inazuma Eleven GO and Danball Senki W together and then splitting them in half” Kondou took it as a way to simply bring out the best of Danball Senki W as a part of their team.
2. First, they checked the music menu with Director Miyao, Sound Director Mima Masafumi and Mitsuda. Mitsuda did the leading during orchestra recording and as they worked together to do trackdowns.
3. At the first meeting, existing pieces from both series were brought to the table, and Director Miyao and Mima were able to select pieces right away to fight the image of the movie. For new tracks, Kondou was given light directions on the emotional and tension level, and he had the freedom to compose the rest to his will.
4. Kondou went into the piece with having Mitsuda’s music as the main base while letting his own music in for the ride. He put special effort into putting the flavor into the Danball Senki and Inazuma Eleven series individually, while pleasing both sides of fans. He also enjoyed mixing the pieces he had already done into the full scale 5.1 surround sound fit for a movie.
5. Near the end of the movie, there’s a scene where Tenma and Ban’s group clash their passionate feelings with Fran about the future of the world. The piece here “Tamashii no Gekitotsu” (Clash of Souls, a piece composed for the movie) expressions those feelings. The bonds between friends, Asta and San’s wrath, sorrow. All of it is involved in the piece.
The piece “Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni Kakonde” (Envelop Sorrow in Kindness) is also used at an important part in Danball Senki W. Mitsuda proposed to use this piece, and at a rush request they were able to get a new live recording. They were already busy with the score at the time, but the feelings of the staff and performers were all involved with it, and it turned out really nice. The scene that goes with it is very touching.
6. “I think people can enjoy the collaboration between Inazuma Eleven GO and Danball Senki W as a story by itself, without feeling something wrong about the two worlds coming together. From the opening stadium scene to the LBXs launching out of the darkness, the movie is filled with scenes that’ll make you think ‘What’s going to happen next?’ with all of its powerful and new hissatsu techniques. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it on the big screen.
I personally love the final scene at the end roll, it brought me to tears. Even though they live in different worlds, they’ll never forget each other.”

TPK & Little Blue boX comments, New Years greeting

Animage December 2012

Animage December 2012: InaDan Movie Intro Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview, w/ summaries

Posters (those without access will not see the image):


✿ When first told about the crossover, Miyao was quite surprised as he never expected it to actually happen. The preliminary plans for the movie were done around March, and that’s when he was called in.
✿ Elements they wanted in the movie were first proposed, followed by which order they would come into play and prioritizing them. What Miyao wanted to bring in top priority was “what exactly unified both worlds to accomplish something”.
✿ When asked why Tenma and the others are playing soccer, and if it’s because it happens after the ban on soccer is lifted… Miyao confirms that the Inazuma GO and Danball Senki W in this movie are NOT directly linked with their TV series and should be treated as parallel worlds.
✿ Miyao personally requested Tsunami to be in the New Alumni Inazuma Japan team that’s in the movie. He even wanted Tsunami in the Gryphon movie too but it didn’t happen.

News – InaDan Movie Character Poll Open

It opened early :O
Vote once a day!

Voting Period: November 9 – December 17 at 17:00
Results posted on December 21.

The characters in the top 5 votes will debut in a “dream unit CD”. There will also be official Twitter icons made from the top characters.
Furthermore, from December 14 onwards, number of votes on each character as well as rankings/top 5 will not be shown. (Smells a little rigged, but hey the trolls rig too :P)

News – “Inazuma All-Stars x TPK” Collaboration Character Song Original Album, InaDan Movie OST Announced

*Update 11/28/2012* This tracklisting is outdated! Please refer to My lyrics translations site for the updated one.~

Just pulling this off the AmazonJP listing. I don’t see any updates on this on the Inazuma All-Stars site or anything, so take with caution that this information could change significantly.

“Inazuma All-Stars x TPK” Collaboration Character Song Original Album
Release Date: November 28, 2012

15 Characters from the Inazuma Eleven series to sing in this album!
Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka)
Shindou Takuto (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Oohara Takashi)
Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Fubuki Shirou (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
Someoka Ryuugo (CV: Kase Yasuyuki)
Nishizono Shinsuke (CV: Tomatsu Haruka)
Kariya Masaki (CV: Tai Yuuki)
Kirino Ranmaru (CV: Kobayashi Yuu)
Fei Rune (CV: Kimura Akiko)
Seto Midori (CV: Mina)
Yamana Akane (CV: Yurin)
Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)

Limited Edition includes a special track of the July 7 “Ten no gawa made todoke! Inazuma Eleven GO Tanabata Festival” Another Story live recording.

Track list:
✿ Aoki Tamashii – Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka), Shindou Takuto (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
✿ Sayonara Kako no Ore – Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Oohara Takashi)
✿ Suki Daraka! – Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko), Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
✿ KODAWARIIYO! (tentative) – Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi), Fubuki Shirou (CV: Miyano Mamoru), Someoka Ryuugo (CV: Kase Yasuyuki)
✿ Sasa Yell (tentative) – Nishizono Shinsuke (CV: Tomatsu Haruka), Kariya Masaki (CV: Tai Yuuki)
✿ Namida no Art ~Nijiiro no Hana~ – Kirino Ranmaru (CV: Kobayashi Yuu), Fei Rune (CV: Kimura Akiko)
✿ Mabushii Mirai Yeah!!! – Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko), Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka)
✿ Koi no SHUUKURIIMU – Seto Midori (CV: Mina), Yamana Akane (CV: Yurin), Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)
✿ Ashita no HIIROO (confirmed) – Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi), Shindou Takuto (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
✿ Anime “Inazuma Eleven” Op song cover by Inazuma All-Stars:
Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka)
Shindou Takuto (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Oohara Takashi)
✿ Anime “Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone” New ed (I assume Te wo Tsunagou)
Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka)
Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Oohara Takashi)
Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)

Order at CDJapan
I DO NOT recommend buying from AmazonJP unless you live IN Japan because their international shipping is insane.

The Inazuma Eleven GO vs Danball Senki W Movie Soundtrack is also scheduled for release November 28, 2012.
Order at CDJapan

*edit The final tracklisting is slightly different, and the translated lyrics are here!!

News – Next Inazuma Eleven Movie announced: Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W

I’ll be frank, just check the Anime News Network post for more info.

The sneak peek also hints at offering amazing visuals, as well as many pre-opening promotions to come.

Also, to clear up any confusion, the characters from both series will be in the same world in this movie, and it won’t just be two separate movies or such.

News – Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD Planned For Release August 24th

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD “Eien no Kizuna!!” (Eternal Bonds)
Release: August 24, 2012

Summary: An original story following the events from Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie ~Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon
An episode of Tenma, Tsurugi, and Shindou from the Raimon Eleven and Hakuryuu, Shuu and the others, all with their strengthened friendship.
They’ll get to experience hot springs, (super-dimensional) ping-pong and the ancient soccer of the island of God Eden.
Lots of friendship and laughs, only in this drama CD!

Cast: Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, Saiga Mitsuki, Kobayashi Yuu, Tomatsu Haruka, Fujimura Ayumu, Tai Yuuki, Iwasaki Ryou, Kitahara Sayaka, Yurin, Mina, Fukuyama Jun, Sawashiro Miyuki, others

(information is subject to change)

At the moment, distribution seems to be similar to the first CD in that it has no full label to allow the CD to be purchased wholesale.

Source: Inazuma Official Shop