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Great Blaster Tumblr – For various translations
LJ feed for Too Many Penguins!
Splash’s Translations Site – For Inazuma music lyrics
Where to download Inazuma Eleven anime
Inazuma Eleven discography
Danball Senki LBX – Fansite for Danball Senki series

Pimp Posts:
11 reasons to watch Inazuma Eleven
The Singing Voices of the Inazuma Eleven Cast

Official Sites:
Inazuma World
Inazuma Eleven game site
Character Song Special Site

Merchandise Sites:
– Specializes in music CDs, also carries books, DVDs, games, and other special merchandise for Inazuma Eleven. Ships internationally!
Play-Asia – Specializes in games, also carries DVDs and music CDs for Inazuma Eleven. Ships to most countries.
Yes Asia USA – Sporadic stock, but carries most of the CDs and other collectible merchandise. Ships internationally (with a free shipping option for orders over $39!)