News – Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone 3DS Neppuu/Raimei Versions Announced

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone 3DS will be split into 2 versions like most of its predecessors: version Neppuu (hot wind) and Raimei (thunder), both written in katakana although the words normally exist with kanji characters as well (イナズマイレブンGO2 クロノ・ストーン ネップウ/ライメイ).

The release for the 2 titles is scheduled for Winter 2012.

Source: Official Site

8 comments to News – Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone 3DS Neppuu/Raimei Versions Announced

  • Garchopex

    There is also a PV of the game or the crossover movie with danball senki w? because some people of tumbrl are saying that there is a PV with Taiyou and Hakuryuu joining raimon and the keshin armed for shindou.

    • It’s a trailer for the movie that aired exclusively at WHF (for now, it’ll probably come from official sources to public later. Anything else is an illegal leak), and either way not related to this news. :p

  • Clopss

    I was hoping for 1 version this time >_< I couldn't get Team Zero in Shine / Dark, and now I'll have to do without the secret team in these games. Ahh fml~

  • asdiodfsjiasdf

    when is Winter in Japan btw?


    Ok i dont get it at first inazuma eleven 2 fire blizzard ok makes sense because they are the oposite,inazuma eleven 3 bomber spark its okay but i dont get it.Inazuma eleven go shine dark perfect.Inazuma eleven go chrono stone Hot wind and thunder but why?wouldnt make more sensse something like past and future?

    • Ina

      You forgot the ogre for Inazuma Eleven 3 O__O
      Probably it’s not past and future since Chrono Stone is now going to the past…probably referring to their elements; but we might see about that later.

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