News – Chrono Stone Cast

About the new characters currently presented for Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone:

Kimura Akiko as Fei Rune – Comes 200 years from the future to prevent soccer’s existence from getting erased and sets up the Tenmas team with Tenma. He apparently has an Avatar…

Maeno Tomoaki as Tsurugi Yuuichi – Tsurugi Kyousuke’s older brother, without the injury for some reason.

Yoshino Hiroyuki as Clark Wonderbat – Wandaba for short. A plush android with the role of the coach for Tenmas. The Miximax Guns he wields is to fuse people together.

Taniyama Kishow as Alpha – The forward captain of team Protocol Omega, from the decision-making parliament El Dorado. Cold, calm and silent, he doesn’t allow his own failure on missions.

Other random tidbits:
-Tenma goes back to Okinawa after Holy Road to spend time teaching young kids soccer (I assume this is during the summer), and comes back to Raimon to see that all of his teammates are in different clubs, and the soccer club didn’t exist in the first place.
-The Inazuma Caravan for the season is referred to as the Inazuma TM (Time Machine, but enunciated as just Time) Caravan.

New OP:
“Jounetsu de Mune ATSU!” (Heat Up Your Chest With Passion) by T-Pistonz + KMC
New ED:
“Natsu ga Yattekuru” (Summer Is Coming) by Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)

5 comments to News – Chrono Stone Cast

  • Rui Craveiro

    Great casting for Fey Rune… she has already a great rooster on both female and young male characters (Mito from “Hunter x Hunter” and Biscuit from “Hunter x Hunter: Green Island” OVA’s, Rockman.EXE in “Rockman.EXE” anime series, Yukihiko Miroku from “GetBackers” and Sayuri from “Machine Robo Rescue”, just to name a few). Can’t wait to hear her voicing the character ;)

    Nice choice as well for the bear coach. After doing different voice styles with Kidou and Hayami, I wonder if he’ll do the same with Clark Wonderbat ;)

  • Rui Craveiro

    Anyhow, I can’t wait for this new phase of “Inazuma Eleven GO!” (I call it phase for now (as I called that to the three “seasons” of “Inazuma Eleven”) as I don’t know if the number of episodes will reset to zero after this week’s “Inazuma Eleven GO!” – something that didn’t happen to “Inazuma Eleven”) ;)

  • Asamisa

    Asdahksjdhkajskjsdhk great cast! But why the coach is a teddy bear with Yocchin’s voice? IF THE COACH IS A PLUSH WITH YOCCHIN’S VOICE IT SHOULD BE A PENGUIN AND YO KNOW IT, HINO-SHACHOO. YOU’RE CRUEL.

    With that outside my chest, I’m looking forward the anime, as I don’t have a japanese 3DS to play the game when it comes out 8’D. I want to know who else is gonna be in the cast.

  • Rui Craveiro

    According to the official TV Tokyo’s “Inazuma Eleven GO!” site, it seems the number of the episodes will start anew, unlike what happened to “Inazuma Eleven” (where it didn’t):

    However, I’ll still count the “2nd season” of “Inazuma Eleven GO!” as an ensemble, just like I did for Digimon Xros Wars and for its “3 seasons” ;)

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