News – InaDan Poll Opens November 11

The Poll site for Inazuma Eleven movies has been renewed with the announcement of the upcoming popularity poll for the InaDan movie. Voting will open November 11. The characters in the top votes will debut in a “dream unit CD”.

The bottom corner of the page says Gojou Masaru has graduated from the popularity polls and will not be in the poll this year.

(by the way, I’m also opening up a Danball Senki wordpress of similar style to this site. sochira de mo yoroshiku~)

2 comments to News – InaDan Poll Opens November 11

  • Gary

    Yes! They finally removed Gojou Masaru!

    • I like how they literally put “graduated” from the polls lolol. They know how to pull him off with some humor at least haha.
      But considering seiyuu, and very certainly singing, are on the line for the poll this time, it’ll be interesting to see who will even be in the poll in the first place, and who will get votes (the trolls are already set on trying to pick out ones to “make girls cry” but that’s pretty rude in the face of seiyuu imo…)

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