News – B’sLOG Inazuma Eleven Character Poll

Otome game magazine (games targeted for girls) B’sLOG has started a public Character Poll for Inazuma Eleven to run from May 27 to June 30, 2011. The top 3 characters with the most votes from this poll will be featured in an exclusive illustration for B’sLOG November 2011 issue (going on sale September 20). (I personally wish Tachimukai and Genda were on there too, but they aren’t baw~)

The July issue currently on sale now has an 8-page feature on Inazuma Eleven and GO, including exclusive comments from LEVEL-5 President Hino about the possibility of producing an otome game for Inazuma Eleven.

No actual otome game for Inazuma Eleven is officially confirmed yet, but President Hino says he is seriously considering one.

Vote, vote!

3 comments to News – B’sLOG Inazuma Eleven Character Poll

  • Anon-kun

    Aaahh, I hope President Hino makes an otome game. I will do all in my power to get that if it happens 8_8
    It sounds really exciting!!! I can’t wait to see their appearance in the magazine either. This is seriously making my heart jump for joy.

  • Mizuki Raimon

    AAh~ I have always wanted to hear those words~ I will jump up and down, and die in bliss if President Hino makes an otome game.
    This blog post is making me go *doki doki* XD I wonder who’s gonna appear for the magazine… will you post the result when it comes out?

    • Ohh thank you for the reminder, I need to make sure I get a reserve on that B’sLog issue at cdjapan because they sell out VERY QUICKLY! XD Likely someone in japan will post the results online long before I get the issue though lol, so I’ll keep my eye out for that.
      I’ll die in bliss if he really makes that otome game too. NEED TO GET THIS INFO SPREADING! 8D;

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