News – Report From Preview Session For Inazuma Strikers

Level-5 hosted a preview session for Inazuma Strikers (Wii) on June 5, 2011.
Reported info as follow, includes spoilers for GO series:

-4-player compatible
-Controls are complicated enough that a classic controller is recommended
-Tenma, Tsurugi, Shindou, Kirino and Shinsuke from GO are all playable
-Tenma’s hissatsu “Soft Wind Step” (dribble)
-Tsurugi’s hissatsu “Death Drop” (shoot)
-Shindou’s hissatsu “Fortissimo” (shoot)
-Kirino’s hissatsu “The Mist” (block)
-Ootani Tsukushi is in the game as a manager (she’s from the other DS games)
-Combination techniques have to be with the same members as shown in the anime or they won’t work. This is different from the DS games where you could have different members for the techniques. Ex: Grand Fire has to be done with Gouenji, Hiroto and Toramaru.
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In other news, Inazuma Eleven GO is the cover image for PASH July 2011.

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