News – Level-5 International America Site Opened, Asks What Game You Want

I don’t plan to cover any dub Inazuma Eleven stuff in the future (unless they miraculously keep the original names), but…

LEVEL-5 has opened its official site for its International America side:
Official Site:

The facebook has opened a poll (question) asking What unreleased LEVEL-5 game is the most exciting to you?

Choose where your voice and vote go wisely. +__+

Btw, some personal notes: Does anyone really think they WON’T bring Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney over? Does it even NEED votes? It’s not even available in Japan yet either, so I wish they hadn’t added it to the list at all… (Just for the record, I’m totally excited for that game myself since I’ve played everything in the Gyakuten Saiban series and am slowly going through Layton. But THINK, people.)

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  • Kage

    Right? I highly doubt that Level-5 would never bring over Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney but I guess people are that excited. I used the chance to show them that there are other games we’re interested in *cough*Inazuma11*cough* or Danball which have far far far lesser chances of being released in the US. Layton is like a sure thing, even if the 4th DS game is a little late to the game. It’s still coming over.


    A girl can dream ; A ; orz

  • MewThree

    I’d love to have Inazuma Eleven in Europe, but having heard the horrible dubbed voices and seeing as how the names are changed, i dont think i could get into it.

    • Kage

      Isn’t the first game out for most of Europe except for the UK since around February?

      It’s why I personally hope people voice the naming concerns. Dub/audio can be ignored by playing without sound. You can’t ignore or shut off text. Unless you’re blind but then you’re playing with the sound :p

      • MewThree

        unfortunately for me, i live in the Uk (actually it rocks apart from the fact that games come out so late in europe), well maybe its a blessing, cos otherwise i wld be tempted to buy the game, and then be bitterly dissappointed.

        hmmmmm playing without sound and txt is sounding very gd. I can just rely on my memory of the anime to fill in the details :p

        • Kage

          I was at a convention in Los Angeles and there were Japanese cartridges for Inazuma Eleven. The sad thing was all of them were $50+

          … that and I can’t read japanese or anything so I’d hope I’d play it well haha

          • MewThree

            My friend is japanese, yet she prefers all these american games like gears of war. that and she’s terrible with kanji!

            Inazuma Eleven costs £35 on amazon in the uk. its not more than i wld normally spend on a game, but i wldnt spend it on a game that i dont particularly want (mark evans *shudders*)

  • Kaga

    I’m pretty disappointed that they put PL vs AA on the list too, but I’m 100% sure I would be even more disappointed if they didn’t put it on the list. PL vs AA has such high expectations coming from both the Japanese and English speaking fandoms, it would be almost cruel to not make it an option. It would be like saying, “Oh, you’re really excited about this game, but we won’t mention it in our poll just to spite you and keep you in the dark!” Oh well. )’:

    To be honest, I really want them to release GO more than anything else. Because the 3DS is region-locked, there’s no way I can import and play the game without importing another system as well (which is more money than I’m willing to spend). But even if they do decide to bring InaIre to the states, they probably wouldn’t release InaGO here for a few years… S-sigh. つ///

    • True true, it would be all sorts of awkward to not make it an option xD~ I personally wouldn’t be disappointed though, since it’s that much of a given imo. It’d had to be like Square Enix not bringing over Dissidia or something.
      I just hope they’re smart enough to know that they can bring in series other than what’s over in the US already. D8;;

  • ShinmeiSuzaku

    The thing is, Miles Edgeworth 2 Wasn’t brought over to the US, so there is always a Chance that the game can’t come over, especially if it is Level-5 Made but Capcom publish. Capcom is on a heat streak of fail.

  • Cepheus

    I don’t care if takes a lot of time.I just want the Inazuma Eleven games on the DS to come to US.
    I reeeeeeally want these games !

    I picked Inazuma Eleven(DS) on the poll,by the way.

  • M1dz

    I hope they make a better english version than the european. Options to change sounds+names to Japanese. Unlike the european where you have to download a hack :P.

    • Oh, you know that’ll never happen. If there is a localization, chances are, we’ll be playing as…*shudder* Mark Evans.

    • Kyousuke

      Isn’t it USA’s fault if every name was changed? I don’t mind the changes, because I began IE with the (French) dub. The game is printing money in Spain (IE 2 DS in 2012, mark my words), and Spanish kids couldn’t care less of the changes. That is why I hardly understand your reactions. This series was bound to be entirely localized.
      By the way, I do want Danball Senki.

  • Jhon

    man i want to play Danbal Senki so badly!!

  • Ryuuken

    I honestly don’t mind Inazuma Eleven not making it to the states (c’mon Level-5, your other games were big, release the rest. Super Dimensional Soccer is big here!), but I do want them to make it to Europe. I know the dubbing is crappy, though some of the voices are ok, but the shoots are translated right and its the same gameplay anyway.

    I do agree though, I think anything Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright, as well as the team up game, should not have been listed. We’re behind a PL game, not including Mask of Miracle, but we’re going to get them anyway. Ninokuni, to increase chances, should have been one option.

  • Kingda

    Ugh. Those dub names are so..Un anime-ish. But i guess its dub. At least they released it in Austrlia. But it was wierd when Mark met..Mark..

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