News – Level-5 donates 10,000k yen, Inazuma Strikers Delayed, Anime Schedule Update

Level-5 has announced it is donating 10,000,000 yen to the northeast Japan earthquakes and tsunamis relief effort ($125,000). The company is also offering charity contents through Inazuma Mobile for those with cell phones usable in Japan; 100% of the proceeds will go towards charities (more details later).

The official site for Inazuma Strikers has been updated to include Tenma from Inazuma GO, and the release date for the game has been delayed to Summer 2011 instead of the previously announced date of April 28, 2011. Just for note, this delay was announced before the earthquakes occurred.

Among other updates on the site are a new opening by T-Pistonz+KMC, and information on using offense and defense techniques, shoot blocks and long shoots.

Level-5 President Hino has announced this week’s one-hour Danball Senki special will air as scheduled, as well as next week’s Inazuma Eleven. He has been seeing an increase of “your work cheers me up” messages from fans, and he believes it is especially in times like this that we should be doing what we can to cheer up the children.

*edit 3/23* Information on the charity contents through Inazuma Mobile is available from Level-5‘s website (Japanese mobile users only).

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