News – Inazuma Eleven GO Anime Updates, Spoilers… and a Spoiler Poll

Level-5 President Hino has been tweeting quite a bit about Inazuma Eleven lately, including some spoilers about the next season and such, so I’ll sum them up here…

⚡ Of good note is that T-Pistonz + KMC are confirmed to continue doing the opening for the series.

⚡ The ending song will be sung by the “heroine/s” similar to Seishun Oden style (he did not state which one/s specifically).

In relation to the actual story itself…
President Hino considered making Inazuma Eleven continue on with the same characters for the 4th season– Like Sazae-san and Chibimaruko-chan where time doesn’t pass. He chose to keep a timeline like Dragon Ball and Ojamanga Yamada-kun. He imagines the future adults conversing at a bar going “You’re from the Endou generation?” “Senpai, I’m from the Tenma generation, I don’t know who this Someoka guy is.” And ideally, he wants to keep the generations going with a 3rd, 4th main protagonist and so on.

Although that doesn’t mean Someoka won’t show up in GO, just for note.

The main target audience has not changed from “teaching the joys of old-style manga to elementary/junior-high school boys” although Pres Hino acknowledges the fanbase has expanded massively since the Aliea arc and some parts have changed direction as a result of it.

Inazuma Eleven focused on new character appearances and their schools, but Inazuma Eleven GO has a lot of focus on inner team conflicts. In that meaning, GO will have a more realistic feel than the original Inazuma. It’s symbolic of the “Everyone on the team is an enemy” theme.

⚡ When asked which character he had a liking for, Pres Hino answers “Endou-kun. I remember at the first private showing preview, I told the audience ‘I’m sure you’ll all come to like Endou as you watch Inazuma Eleven.’ It’s nostalgic now.”


⚡ 10 years later after the FFI, Endou Mamoru is married and a household scene will reveal the outcome quite clearly.

So for the heck of it, a poll you can semi-rig by voting once per day (I’m putting this up on Ryuu-Rogue in a future release):

Kino Aki!
Raimon Natsumi!
Kudou Fuyuka! free polls

The three choices here are based on the DS ending for game 3, so it doesn’t include any of the other characters. (saving that poll for RyRo)

By the way, from the evidence I’ve looked over, I’m around 95% set on who it’s going to be, but I’ll be quiet about it for now.


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