Character Song Messages From the Voice Actors

The cast involved in the Inazuma Character Song Original Album releasing on April 6 answered a short questionnaire as messages to fans. The five characters involved in “Mata ne… no Kisetsu” have also left comments about the music piece.

Inazuma Character Song Original Album Questions:
1) Please tell us your first impressions about the song you sang.
2) Please tell us about what comes to mind when you listen to your character’s song.
3) Please tell us which points we should play close attention to!

Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
1) “Mamotte Miseru! (I’ll Protect It!)” reminds me of a theme song from an old adventure anime I watched. And “Raimon Junior High School Theme” is THE school theme! Since it’s Inazuma Eleven, it’s a school theme with a bit more umpth to it, and it has a historic feel to it to make you think of the good ol’ times.
2) I first think about the four first year Raimon guys practicing with all their might at the soccer club. And then about how Gouenji was all hesitant at first, and that Kidou was on the opponent team… And now with every FFI match, the team’s unity grows more and more, I end up thinking about all that. For Endou-kun, all that passionate youth is packed into this one page of lyrics.
3) I hope people pay attention to the people doing character songs for the first time! The characters in Inazuma Eleven are really deep… at the same time, the songs are really amazing, so please sing them in karaoke too!

“Mata ne… no Kisetsu” Comments:
The chapter of Endou-kun and the others’ hot, passionate youth is coming to its end.
While it makes me feel lonely, it’s only one chapter that’s ending! They’re already heading towards the next step in their youth!
That’s what kind of an optimistic graduation song it is.
Please give it a listen.

Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
1) It’s befitting of Gouenji! I can picture Gouenji’s face as he sings it upfront.
2) I can’t bring it down to just one thing! I picture all sorts of things that have happened in the Inazuma Eleven story.
3) The lyrics, melody, and Gouenji’s synchronization. Isn’t it just like Gouenji?

“Mata ne… no Kisetsu” Comments:
A character who normally seems like the type who would never sing pulled in the effort to sing, and it turned out to be a really good song!
You might be able to see an unexpected part of each person. Please listen to it as many times and sing along!

Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
1) Wouldn’t that be really hard?!
2) Absolute control of everything on the pitch. Playmaker to the very word!
3) As long as the Kidou-ness is conveyed, I’ll be happy.

“Mata ne… no Kisetsu” Comments:
Please continue to keep supporting Inazuma Eleven!

Kazemaru Ichirouta (CV: Nishigaki Yuka)
1) “This is definitely Kazemaru’s song!”
Of course, the title “Mai Agare! (Let It Soar!)” , and the lyrics themselves are overflowing with Kazemaru-ness. The melody, while refreshing, is also very powerful and filled with kindness that envelops you. I’d been thinking that what would suit Kazemaru is “the feeling of sprinting, and when you hear it you can picture the sky.” When I first heard the song, I was surprised that it was just like that.
It was so close to my image of it that I asked the staff “Did you make this song after you read my comments?” (lol)
2) First it’s the wind blowing at the Steel Tower Plaza, and as you run under the blue sky, a bright light comes up, and beyond that you’ll start to see your friends…
I had a really specific picture in mind, I even wondered if they could make a promotional video out of it at this rate (lol)
The lyrics and melody are just so nice, every time I hear it, I get so nostalgic about the scenes and lines.
Among what comes to mind, in the end the strong picture is still running under the blue sky.
3) All of it! …is what I’d like to say, but if I had to pin it down to just one part, it’s the whole feeling of a finale.
We sang with all our might our feelings within ourselves and for our friends.
I really like the words “thank you,” so I was really glad to have it in the lyrics!
The lyrics and melody are both flowing with Kazemaru, so I hope people listen to it and get reminded of “that scene” and “those lines”.
I hope this album brings cheer back into all those who listen to it.

“Mata ne… no Kisetsu” Comments:
The theme is graduation, so although it leaves a sad feeling, it also warms up your heart. It’s an amazing song.
Even while I was singing the songs during practice, my chest would feel tight and tears would start flowing out.
Everyone please sing it along with the friends you cherish!

Fubuki Shirou (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
1) I was first captivated by the pretty melody, and when I took the time to read the lyrics, I broke out in tears.
I think of “Ice Road” as a song with Atsuya.
2) I think of the scenes with the conflicting theme of “I want to be perfect” “but I can’t” and the scenes of being enveloped by everyone’s warmth and bringing back one’s sense of self.
3) Even if it’s sad, the end still pushes to live on looking ahead as a song full of hope! Bathe in the light of “Irreplaceable friends” and continue on with a smile. “But Atsuya will never disappear. He’ll always be inside me. We’ll live on together forever.” Please listen to these feeling of Shirou’s!!

“Mata ne… no Kisetsu” Comments:
As a member of the All-stars, I feel honored from the depths of my heart to sing with everyone. The warm bonds within this piece shows in the musical tune, and singing it really bruoght me happiness. Just like how it’s not “farewell” but instead “Seasons… of see you again”, please continue to support Inazuma Eleven! Everyone sing it together now! Let’s be like the wind!!

Kiyama Hiroto (CV: Mizushima Takahiro)
1) Both the melody and lyrics are so suitable for Hiroto, I thought it was pretty amazing.
2) During the FFI, practicing alone to get a new technique going.
3) There’s someone hidden within the lyrics. Please try to find who it is as you listen!

Someoka Ryuugo (CV: Kase Yasuyuki)
1) Coo’. (A shortening of it’s VERY COOL)
2) After not making it to the Japanese national team, practicing along at the river bank.
And the practice when he first learns Dragon Crash.
3) Everything!
The four-person unit this time brings out each of our specialties to the max!
If you can take in all of our feelings in this cool and wild song, I’ll be happy!

Tobitaka Seiya (CV: Mine Nobuya)
1) It made me think to honestly bring out the character’s colors and “show people who I am!”
2) I imagine Tobitaka showing off wearing a kinagashi and paper umbrella.
3) It’s an amazing song, so I’d listen to all of it, but especially the last line of the song (lol).
I sang with all my heart for the InaIre fans. I’ll be happy if that message is conveyed.

Fudou Akio (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
1) …Song, is it…? (lol)
I think this song really brings out each person’s character.
2) The True Teikoku Fudou and Inazuma Japan Fudou co-existing.
3) The lines were Fudou-like to the very end.
The same goes for Fudou’s singing from start to end, so please give it a listen.

Tsunami Jousuke (CV: Sakaguchi Shuuhei)
1) Tsunami isn’t BAD!
2) Riverbank, open space, school grounds, the ocean!
3) Rather than a song, it’s more like rhythmical mini CD drama.
Even during the recording process, we were laughing, riding it and having a good time, so please enjoy it!

Kabeyama Heigorou (CV: Tano Megumi)
1) “Wow!! An actual school theme!” is what I thought. It’s full of what makes Inazuma Eleven and made me feel really great.
2) When it comes to school themes, it’s gotta be the school uniform. And so, the graduation ceremony.
3) I sang it while looking at a picture of Kabayama and feeling “the new students will be listening to this”
“I’m not a first year anymore, so I’ll be able to pull in for other people!”
Thanks to all those who buy this CD! Please look forward to the activities of the Inazuma’s members from here on. We’ll do everything we can for our roles!!

Fidio Aldena (CV: Shimono Hiro)
1) It felt like the players from each country were standing on the pitch during the opening ceremony in chorus.
So I sung with that feeling in mind.
2) Hmm~ The scene when he shoots “Odin Sword”.
For shooting it at the end of the song… I tried it over and over again, so it makes me remember when I finally did it.
3) I hope you listen to the unison of the four international players.
And I’ll be happy if you go to karaoke and stand up with a hand to your chest to sing it!!

Mark Kruger (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi)
1) I felt the heroism and unity in it.
2) I felt the feelings of confronting the tournament, and intention of bringing the countries together.
It makes me think of the time when they were all together on the grounds.
3) I hope you enjoy the individual solo parts.

Teres Tolue (CV: Majima Junji)
1) I thought “What is this, impressive” (lol)
2) Not a scene from the piece, but the players from each of the countries in unity on the pitch, that’s what I picture in mind.
3) Since the characters here each have strong individual personalities, I think you’ll hear them out during their solos.
Please join in the singing when the four of them sing together.

Edgar Valtinas (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
1) Eh?! A Song?! I was as happy as a child humming to himself.
2) The closing ceremony
3) I think the beauty of praising each other is an important part of competition.
Hope you enjoy it.

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