Inazuma Eleven Thank You Special Project – Seiyuu Relay Talk!!

The Inazuma World Blog has posted a Seiyuu Relay Talk as thanks to supporting fans for Inazuma Eleven.

Translations of the messages from the three participants:

April 15, 2011:
Gouenji Shuuya (CV: Nojima Hirofumi):

Inazuma Japan, congratulations on the championship!!
This at last puts a distinct conclusion to the story of these players.
To say it frankly, I’ll miss them.
But when I think about Inazuma Eleven continuing to evolve, it makes me happy.
It’s fun to imagine how they’ll grow up from here on.
It’s a mixed bag of feelings.
Either which way, I just love Inazuma Eleven!
Thank you, Gouenji, Inazuma Eleven!
And look forward to Inazuma Eleven GO!

April 21, 2011
Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki):

Inazuma Eleven is a work that surprises you right to the very end.
That’s something I feel not only from the story, but every time I watch the finished work on air.
All of the staff pours all their energy into into the work and dispatches it through the world.
I’m happy to be a part of that work.
All those who continue to support Inazuma Eleven,
and the staff who continue to create this wonderful work, I’m thankful for all of you.
Personally… I’d be happy to see someone in the future take inspiration from the entertainment industry to become a pro soccer player.
Endou Mamoru’s story finishes at graduation, but I’m still here, unable to graduate from soccer or Inazuma Eleven yet.
Please continue to support Inazuma Eleven!
Look forward to the day when we can meet at the next level!

April 28, 2011:
Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko):

What did you think of the last episode of Inazuma Eleven?

When I think about how I won’t be able to see Endou-kun and the others’ shining junior high school times,

I feel really sad about it

and get lonely.

I wanted to see more~

But! In actuality, the Inazuma Eleven legend

is still continuing!!

10 years after Endou-kun’s time, at Raimon.

This time, Matsukaze Tenma will be the new main character

and he’ll make a new legend.

I’m really looking forward to it.

I mean, Tenma-kun’s cool and cute

and I want to see him moving on the screen already~

Please let your heart take in the moving final episode.

And look forward to the next super-dimension.

From Raimon Junior High soccer club’s captain, Endou Mamoru (Takeuchi Junko)

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