News – New Inazuma Eleven Series To Be Presented at LEVEL-5 VISION 2016

New Inazuma Eleven series is in the works and we will get more information on it during this year’s LEVEL-5 VISION 2016 conference! President Hino made an obvious hint back in March by indicating that the new work in one of his previous popular titles starts with “i”. Now with the character design reveal, as well as mentions of Avatars and time travel, there’s really no denying it or thinking it’s a troll.

While we should be getting a majority of the news during the conference itself (and probably a PV for the game), President Hino is already leaking bits of information about the new series on his Twitter once again, including a character design and
making a few notes about the new series: “The new ‘i’ will be more like the original without Avatars and time travel (it’s not the time to be laughing lol), but will still have new elements that I think will surprise you. Please look forward to it! Oh, and just for the record, it won’t be about the pro league.”

*edit* LEVEL-5 VISION 2016 conference date has not been announced yet, but I will post information about it when it is available!

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