Otomedia Spring 2012

Otomedia Spring 2012
Highlight: GO CharaSong AlbumTerasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma), Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke) interview w/ summaries

Terasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma), Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke) interview
There’s a lot of overlap with the website Character Song Messages From the Voice Actors (GO), so here’s the newer stuff:
✿ Oohara says he thinks he listens to Tenma’s “Soyokaze Step” the most because he likes the lightheartedness of the song, and he ends up humming to end often.
✿ For the Raimon School Theme song, the official setting is that all of the first-years are there INCLUDING Tsurugi, just that he isn’t singing. There was also originally a part where Shinsuke says “Why aren’t you singing, Tsurugi?~” but it got cut out for the final version.
✿ Terasaki also particularly likes “Ashita no Field” and “Houkago Chemistry”.
✿ Oohara admits he was a little drunk when he first listened to “Ashita no Field”, but hearing Saiga’s singing sobered him up.
✿ Oohara wants to hear a song by Hamano-senpai. Terasaki suggests a fishing song by Hamano and Hayami. And a song from Amagi with plenty of “dadodado”. Also an idol song with all the managers, not just Aoi, but also with Midori, Yamana and Haruna-sensei. Oohara suggests adding Sasuke to the pack. Terasaki also wants to sing a song with Shinsuke, while Oohara wants to sing one with Nishiki-senpai (o.O).
✿ Oohara would also like to sing a song as Tsurugi to a cool melody like Resistance, one to fit his image of fighting on the field during a match. But when he says he’d like to sing it with something, Terasaki suggests Tenma joins in with occasional lines like “You can do it, Tsurugi!”, which Oohara cleanly objects with a laugh.

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  • Kazemaru-lover

    Thanks for everything splash!! You’re awesome as always.
    Fubuki’s artwork is amazing O.o. What is it for? Is there more of them ?

    • It only says the illustrator is JSK but there wasn’t any context provided otherwise… I can only guess they just asked this random artist to draw fanart for their magazine since it doesn’t say it’s officially backed up by Level-5 or OLM studio ^^;

  • Kazemaru-lover

    who knows..Maybe XD
    Thanks for answering me ^^

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