Otomedia Summer 2012 + PASH! July 2012

Otomedia Summer 2012
Highlight: Chrono Stone BeginningsAkiyama Katsuhito (Director), Maeno Tomoaki (Tsurugi Yuuichi) interview no summary

PASH! July 2012

8 comments to Otomedia Summer 2012 + PASH! July 2012

  • Kazemaru-lover

    Thanks for scanning the pics!
    I want to know, what is going on in the first page with the adults ( kazemaru & the others)? Can you translate what kazemaru,hiroto and gouenji are saying?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hmm, they’re not actually saying anything, it’s the editors saying blah about them and having the speech bubbles point at them >_>; It’s the editors’ prediction of what the 3 boys would be like if they were husbands. None of it’s official so I’m not bothering XP

  • Kazemaru-lover

    I see.. Thanks anyways ^^
    I thought that it’s about Endou and Natsumi’s wedding or something like that..XD

  • Skai Shirou

    Thank you for the pictues! ^.^
    I was surprised when I saw the first scan, when I saw the side of the adults. I was like “Ohmygosh, Wow… O.O”. When I saw Haruna & Yuka in wedding dress & looking @ Kidou & Gouenji, they disapprove in the marriage, Lol! XD But, I wanted to see someone get married, we never got to see Endou & Natsumi’s wedding though… T.T

  • Ina

    Thanks for the scans! Though I was wondering about those notes under Kariya and Tsurugi o_o what was that about?

    • nothing important. tbh editors for Otomedia are strange that they like to put their personal fantasies into these “character introductions” and I have no way of telling whether there’s any official grounding to their articles outside of seiyuu interviews. JSK illustrations are still just fanart unless I’m given better information.

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