Animage November 2018

Animage November 2018: Highlight: Ares President Hino interview w/ summaries

No scans, because I didn’t buy it or have time to scan~

Special thanks to onkeikun for providing this summary!

Hino’s interview in animage nov. edition: 1) outei tsukinomiya became free after the match. although gekko electronics didn’t drop their sponsorship right away, outei is […]

News – Inazuma Walker Show to Stream Online

Starting September 30 at 21:00 JST (9/30 5am PST), a new monthly show called Inazuma Walker will air on Niconico and YouTube.

The hosts of the show will be LEVEL-5 CEO Hino Akikiro and Moo-chan (also from LEVEL-5). There are plans to present new information, invite special guests, and possibly air new “high quality” Inazuma […]