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News – Best Eleven Movie Summer 2014 (Updated)

An official site was opened to celebrate the news of the 5-Year Anniversary Best Eleven project getting a movie to be shown in theaters starting this summer!

Inazuma Best Eleven:
Shuu, Gouenji, Tsurugi
Shindou, Kidou, Tenma, Aphrodi
Kazemaru, Kinako, Kirino
Endou (Endou Kanon reserve)

Battle Eleven:
Hakuryuu, Baddap, Matatagi
Fei, Fudou, Saru, Gran
Beta, Ozrock, Zanark
Desarm (Rococo reserve)

Related trading Card Game, manga, and character song album to be released in the future as well. Stay tuned!

Also, President Hino of Level-5 says that Inazuma Eleven series is done for now but he would like to come back to it in the near future. “Please support Youkai Watch in the meantime!”

*edit 5/9/2014*
June Animage reveals that starting June 13, TOHO cinemas around Japan will be showing the movie “Inazuma Eleven Choujigen Dream Match” for two weeks.
(The two week limit and lack of advertising worries me that they’ll only be putting this on DVD and not bluray in the future, but I guess we’ll see)

News – Shoujo Artist Yagami Chitose to Draw New Inazuma Eleven GO Manga

Shoujo manga artist Yagami Chitose has announced on her blog that she will be doing a 2-month serialization Inazuma Eleven GO manga.

The manga will be a collaboration to coincide with the Inazuma Eleven GO movie coming to theaters on December 23, 2011.

She mentions “Akane-chan” will be the main character for January 2012’s Ciao (Shogakukan). (I assume Yamana Akane, the one who takes pictures)

Unfortunately, there are no current plans for the short series to be put into a tankouban (volume book). We’ll see about that. +w+

She’s shared some lovely sketches on her blog, so check ’em out~ They are reference drawings she sent to LEVEL-5. She also writes that the offer to do this manga came up last summer. While unsure whether she was suitable to do the manga, her chief editor reassured her that she was the only one they could imagine for the project.