B’sLOG November 2011

B’sLOG November 2011

Honestly, there was no new info and the article highlighting Inazuma Eleven didn’t have anything that isn’t on official sites already, so I didn’t bother scanning the other pages.

The exclusive image created out of the popularity poll they held on the site resulted with Kazemaru, Sakuma and Toramaru!

The magazine came with this image as a “lunch mat” which is literally quality like a paper lunch mat you’d find at a Chinese restaurant with the Chinese Zodiac printed on it… ORZ

There wasn’t even any more lead on for a possibility of an otome game like the previous issue that mentioned Inazuma Eleven. (Grr, do it, Level-5!!~~)

10 comments to B’sLOG November 2011

  • KazeAkai

    Kazemaru look’s angry in the preview pic xD when you see it in full size it looks happy

  • Drrr

    What is this? Shounen-ai? Ah wait there is soccer ball. It’s Inazuma all right.

  • Asamisa

    Awesome! *-* But Toramaru it’s not on my top list xDDDDDD.

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGH! I would starv myself to get the money to get that otome game from Inazuma Eleven xD. If President Hino does it, he will get my absolute and unconditional admiration and respect xDDDDDD (well, he has it now xD, but that will increse it beyond the impossible xD).

    • Right? The poll was online so it was probably rigged again by trolls and the like. In their eyes it was probably “the shota” + “the two girly ones”. But everyone’s a winner when it comes to Inazuma, those trolls will never learn XD~~

      • Asamisa

        Yeah XDD, Inazuma is troll-proof in that area xDDDDDD. even if you don’t love like crazy some characters, they’re pretty good anyway XD.

  • janel

    where are these online polls found? if it’s in the official site.. i’ll not vote cause I’ll not understand…but still if you know… well please give me a link.. :D Thnx!

  • Mizuki Raimon

    YAY KAZEMARU GOT NO.1~ (Though I was hoping for Kidou, Hiroto, or Fubuki, but Kidou got as close as 5th… TT_TT)
    GRR Level 5, just do the otome game already! >:( Get QuinRose to help you or something if you’re having no luck with the idea!

    (QuinRose= an otome gaming company)

    • Oh I don’t like QuinRose at ALL, their otome is so mediocre… XD;;; But they HAVE managed to progress enough to get a movie out of their works, so it’d be better than nothing. Still, I’d rather have just about any other otoge company collab with Level-5 on this kind of thing. But knowing L5, they’d be smart enough to do this on their own if they wanted to (or just steal some good staff, they’ve already taken some squenix and other well-known folks lalala)!

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