Animage July 2010

Animage July 2010
Highlight: Endou and Gouenji post-Korea match – Takeuchi Junko (Endou Mamoru) and Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji Shuuya) interview round 2 + character designers Ikeda Yuuji and Inoue Yuuko interview w/ summaries

-Takeuchi Junko (Endou Mamoru) and Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji Shuuya) interview, July issue is actually the 2nd round (1st round is here)
Question: Character you want to be friends with?
Takeuchi: Natsumi, so she can have yummy food while drinking tea with her
Nojima: Endou, because he’s friendly to have conversations with. And because Gouenji’s so reserved, Kidou’s too smart, Fubuki’s too prince-y… XD

Question: Which character would you want in your family?
Takeuchi: Hijikata, so she can order him around to do housework
Nojima: Kurimatsu, because he’d make an awesome little brother (._o). Also, he’d be totally proud to have Endou, Gouenji or Kidou as his kids. Takeuchi wants all three of them together.

Question: Which character do you think would be the most popular (with the girls)?
Takeuchi: Personally likes Hiroto, especially in Gran form. Also Gouenji. And Kidou with his goggles off.
Nojima: Tsunami, because he’s a surfer (ehh).
And together they comment about Fubuki’s actual popularity in the series. One because of being the only character with drooping eyes and because of Miyano Mamoru-kun~

Question: Which character would be fun to go karaoke-ing with?
Takeuchi: Midorikawa, because he seems like he’d be able to sing anything.
Nojima: Gouenji (XD). Also Tsunami and Hijikata for the Okinawa combo.
And they both go with Kageno in the end…

Question: Character they want to show up again
Nojima: Someoka. Also the guys from Senbayama and Nosei.
Takeuchi: Kabeyama’s little brother. And she was wondering if anyone from Sengoku Igajima would go “Dattebayo!” XD

Question: If Endou and Gouenji were to get into a big fight with each other, what would be the reason?
Nojima: Related to soccer.
Of course.

Question: Favorite technique among the ones they perform themselves
Nojima: Dragon Tornado
Takeuchi: Majin The Hand

Question: Favorite hissatsu?
Nojima: Emperor Penguin No.2
Takeuchi: ME TOO
Nojima: And also Space Penguins was quite a surprise. Also Infinity Wall (mugen no kabe).

Question: If you were inserted into the world of Inazuma Eleven for one day, what would you want to do, and with who?
Nojima: Eat ramen at Rairaiken, maybe go drinking with the old guys in the “legendary” Inazuma Eleven.
Takeuchi: Go drinking with Endou’s father to ask him all these serious questions like “How does Endou-kun behave around the house?” “How come Endou-kun calls his mother ‘okaa-chan’ but he calls you ‘otou-san’?

-The character designers for the anime: I love Ikeda Yuuji’s work but I have a personal bias towards Inoue Yuuko, gotta say XD;;; In their part of the interview, Ikeda comments that Inoue gets all of the cool guys (Sakuma, Genda, Fubuki, Modorikawa, Tsunami, Shadow, etc). Ikeda’s favorite is Handa~ Inoue’s are Kazemaru and Fubuki.
-Aphrodi really is taller than Chaos www

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