News – Inazuma Eleven 4 Official Title, Inazuma Strikers release date

Some early information on the game. Some old info, some new info. Character descriptions are now from the official site.

Official title is Inazuma Eleven GO

○ 「松風天馬」 Matsukaze Tenma, a first year who loves soccer, is the new leading protagonist. His skills still need lots of development, but at least his dribbling is exceptional. He has a habit of saying “It’ll work out somehow.” The story starts with him entering Raimon Jr. High 10 years after the first FFI, where Raimon has become famous for its soccer.
An organization called Fifth Sector controls soccer in this setting. The passion that Raimon once had for soccer is no longer there.
Other characters:
○ 「神童拓人」MF/2nd year – Shindou Takuto – Team captain, also known as the genius “God Takuto”
○ 「霧野蘭丸」DF/2nd year – Kirino Ranmaru – Shindou’s close friend who plays with such an elegant style that he could easily be mistaken for a woman.
○ 「三国太一」GK/3rd year – Sangoku Taichi – The goalkeeper who acts as the supporting pillar for the Raimon Eleven. His teammates have deep trust in him.
○ 「西園信助」DF/1st year – Nishizono Shinsuke – Always energetic and optimistic. A new member just like Tenma! He gets along with Tenma very well.

○ 「剣城京介」 – Tsurugi Kyousuke – Talented player with ferocious abilities, but seems to despise soccer for some reason. Is he an ally or an enemy?!

Inazuma Strikers for the Wii has a set release date on April 28, 2011, priced at 5980 yen (before tax).

Source: 2ch, CoroCoro Magazine March 2011

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