Animage January 2011 + PASH! January 2011

Animage January 2011
Highlight: Super cover issue! – Takeuchi Junko (Endou), Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou) interview w/ summaries

Cover is taken right off amazonjp site since it’s in decent quality already.

Oh, on the back of the Fubuki twin poster is a bit about Kodaira Yuuki (Midorikawa/Max), Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru), and Sasaki Hinako (Haruna) playing the Inazuma Eleven board game. At the end, they talk about going to the movie, Sasaki mentions she’s going to go see it with Nishigaki (nicknamed “Gakkii”), then Kodaira goes “I want to go too!!” and so Sasaki goes “Let’s all go together~”
Didn’t find the Miyao Yoshikazu interview worth summarizing XD; There’s some interesting background information about the 80 years future world, but I’ll leave that for now.
About the movie, there are voices listed for Mistore and Eskaba! Mistore is Watanabe Kumiko and ESKABA IS SUZUKI TATSUHISA
I WAS SUPER WAITING FOR TATSUN TO SHOW UP FOR INAZUMA since he showed up for Pokemon and there’s the whole OLM connection, AND HE’S HERE…!!!!!
I have some more hope he gets more roles in the upcoming Inazuma series with this. D8;;;

Takeuchi Junko (Endou), Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou) interview
These interviews were mostly conversational, so mostly quick TLing XD;

1. Impressions of reuniting with Kazemaru and the others (Dark Emperors):
Yoshino: Everyone’s sideburns got longer
Nojima: Kurimatsu was still cute even as a bad guy
Takeuchi: Nojima-kun, you really do like Kurimatsu don’t you (lol)
Yoshino: And then Shadow makes his only match appearance here. You hear him go “I’m going to train up and wait for you guys” and then when he finally shows up again he’s suddenly on the bad side.
Nojima: (lol) In the end, it was Endou’s loud voice that solves everything.
Takeuchi: Yeah, “LET’S PLAY SOCCER! LET’S PLAY SOCCER!” It was a pretty tough time having to repeat the same simple words and have it ring through everyone’s hearts.
Nojima: You sure had to say it a lot
Also, seeing Kazemaru and Someoka turn sides was the biggest shock for me. Someoka would seem more like the type to resist.
Yoshino: Although it’s the Aliea meteorite’s fault
Takeuchi: It really does weaken the heart, eh
Nojima: (eating noises) It just creeps right in there
Yoshino: (also eating) Yepyep, it makes your heart catch a cold
Takeuchi: Hey, this is a serious subject here! Take it seriously!
Yoshino: We are! (lol)

2. Japan national representative selection match
Nojima: Well, I figured my character (Gouenji) would get selected.
Yoshino: Well yeah (lol)
Takeuchi: But this is “Inazuma Eleven” we’re talking about
Nojima: Never know what’ll happen, right?
Takeuchi: So I even thought Endou-kun wouldn’t make it as a rep
Yoshino: That’d never happen!
Nojima: Of course he’d get in
Takeuchi: But I couldn’t help it!
Yoshino: Personally, rather than think about Kidou, I was more curious about why some other people were selected as candidates. Only having one of the Mukata brothers was a bit lonesome. But that’s all an older person can think-
Nojima: Leave that aside! (lol)
Yoshino: There were some folks who had impressive skills who should’ve been brought in, like Oumihara’s Otomura! I wanted him to come!
Takeuchi: Tontokutontoku
-Otomura must be a good friend of Kidou-
Yoshino: Well, if you say it like that, it seems like he doesn’t have friends in general… what about Sakuma?
Takeuchi: He’s a friend, isn’t he? (lol) But I personally didn’t think of Sakuma being in the reps.
Nojima: There were some unexpected ones. Like Hijikata.
Yoshino: Yeah, yeah. And about Hiroto joining in… when strong rivals join up and become allies, they turn back into normal people. That’s the law of manga and anime.
Takeuchi/Nojima: (lol)
Yoshino: So Kidou says “the strongest rival” at the start, it was like he had to start from the bottom up again after being an ally.
-As I recall, Takeuchi-san likes Hiroto-
Takeuchi: Yes. But that was when he was in the Aliea team.
Yoshino: That perky sticking up hair, like soft icecream.
Takeuchi: That’s Midorikawa! Hiroto wasn’t like that (using hand gestures), it was more like this, with red hair, and it was really cool. But I still like Ryuusei Blade even now!
Yoshino: (quieter) Well, it’s not he has any solo moves other than Ryuusei Blade anyway.
Takeuchi: Oh, you! (gives Yoshino a light punch)
Nojima: (lol) And I like Kurimatsu, but I didn’t think he’d get on the team.
Yoshino: That’s what I thought for Kabeyama, but you’ve gotta have the variety in there or it won’t make good for the story. If you’ve got nothing but 100% capable people, you won’t come across any hurdles in the story. I’m sure coming up with things on that line was the tough part, yup.
Takeuchi: Okay, we know! (lol) Kabeyama, Kurimatsu, Kogure and the like… they really are cute.
Nojima: Speaking of Kabeyama, he almost never gets benched.
Yoshino: Yeah. Kabeyama’s the only one who’s been with Endou the whole time.
-He’s been on the pitch this whole time, until finally the England match-
Yoshino: An injury finally happened. Since he’s got such thin ankles.
Nojima: They wouldn’t be able to support that body (lol)
Yoshino: Good job coming this far! (lol)

3. Australia Match
Yoshino: Big Waves was about figuring a way past Box-Lock Defense.
Nojima: Coach Kudou gives out a lot of orders, but he never explains the details behind why. Even after, he’s like that.
Takeuchi: Why is Coach Kudou so scary? It’s like “if you’d just tell us, we’d listen.” Does it click with you when he says things like he does?
Nojima: Sure did for me personally (lol)
-It seemed to click for Kidou. When he talked to Gouenji, Gouenji said “I trust Coach Kudou as long as Endou does”-
Yoshino: Yep, yep
Takeuchi: Why does Endou-kun believe him so much~
Yoshino: Because he believes in soccer. Oh, I do think he said it was because Hibiki brought him over.
Takeuchi: oh right. Well, at least he ended up being a good person.

4. Qatar Match
Yoshino: In the second half, everyone loses their stamina. And so the match moves over to Toramaru.
Takeuchi: And we start to see Toramaru’s true self.
Nojima: The sub-title “Sleeping Tiger! Awaken!!” refers to his cheeky side awakening.
Yoshino: Indeed (lol)
-Since they didn’t have much time left, Gouenji smashed the ball into Toramaru, didn’t he-
Yoshino: Gouenji, got it? Toramaru’s an elementary kid, you know? (lol)

5. Neo Japan Match
Takeuchi: Tobitaka finally got a spotlight!
Yoshino: He was even practicing kicking in places without a soccer ball.
Nojima: It was sure surprising to see Coach Hitomiko and Neo Japan.
Yoshino: It was really weird (lol)
Nojima: And Coach Kudou even said “All right, let’s do it” to it all. Hey now, but you were the one who chose the reps already.
Takeuchi: He has such an open mind (lol)
Yoshino: Normally a previous coach wouldn’t just come in and go “Use the players I chose instead”. That’s what makes “Inazuma Eleven!”
Nojima: Super-dimensional soccer! (lol)
Yoshino: Desarm was a GK and FW in Aliea Academy, but this time he left the goal to Genda and became a midfielder. He’s really multi-talented.
Nojima: For sure.
Yoshino: If I were the coach, I would definitely tell them. (egotistic voice) “You’re useful anywhere, so I’ll put you on the team!”
Takeuchi/Nojima: (lol)
Yoshino: It’s people like these that others like Kurimatsu overcame to join the taem.
Nojima: “Go right de yansu!”
Yoshino: That was pretty far back ago! (lol)

6. Date With Fuyuka
-There was an episode about Endou and Fuyuka…-
Takeuchi: Yes there was. Aki wasn’t at the cafe scene at first. But then she just happened to walk by and casually go “Endou-kun will be fine.”
Yoshino: Just what did Aki actually know… (lol)
Takeuchi: Aki’s line there was pretty interesting. It was like she was “The Mother”
-Endou was pretty unaware the whole time-
Takeuchi: I think it’s not just Endou-kun. Guys like Kidou and Gouenji would’ve been the same. Those three aren’t thinking about boy-girl love relationships at all.
Nojima: Not at all (lol)

8. Korea Match
Yoshino: Ah, here it is… (lol) All of a sudden, there was the possibility you’d be going to Germany to study to become a doctor
Nojima: Well, even with that, I thought Gouenji would be fine to still concentrate on soccer during it all, but turns out he wouldn’t (lol)
Yoshino: When it got worse, Toramaru finally gave out. He’d get mad with “You’re slow!” and “You’re not giving it top speed!” (lol)
Takeuchi: He did!
Yoshino: Geez, Gouenji-san, were you that kind of person? You shock me!
Nojima: It was obviously Gouenji’s fault (lol). Eating his own words
Takeuchi: I felt sorry for Toramaru-kun!
Yoshino: And right when they were trying to get something done together.
Nojima: But it was an episode that brought out the human factor from Gouenji.
Yoshino: It was a rather unexpected side of him. He let something get him down so easily.
Takeuchi: Endou-kun went as far as to bow his head down to Gouenji’s father. But he was completely ignored (lol)

Fudou Akio Graduates from the Bench?!
Yoshino: Fudou finally comes into play during the Korea Match. He was always on reserve as a trump card.
Nojima: Fudou was pretty cute. Even though he wasn’t playing, he’d be all “Don’t slow me down now”
Yoshino: (stands up) “Ah, it’s my turn finally!” “It’s not me? Damn it all!” (sits back down)… things like that happened on the bench a few times over.
Nojima: And he’d give a “Che” with his tongue just about every week.
Yoshino: “Why is it Kurimatsu and not me?!” and then Coach Kudou would say “If you’re not content with it, leave the bench!” or such (lol)
Takeuchi: Fudou was really cute. I was bullying around Fudou’s Kaji (Yuuki)-kun the whole time. I’d go “You’re on bench again” or “Is your only line today “Hmph!” again?” (lol)
Yoshino: And so Fudou finally cooperated with Kidou and broke past Perfect Zone Press. Fudou finally became a member of the team.
-Fudou seems to be really conscious about Kidou-
Yoshino: They’re both people who’ve suffered under the hands of Kageyama, after all. They were both in the same position, as Teikoku and True Teikoku, with the uniform number 10. Even more, Kageyama told Fudou at the end “You’re second rank” and then abandoned him.
Takeuchi: That must’ve been a big shock. It’s pretty mean to tell someone they’re second or third rank.

9. FFI World Tournament Opening
Yoshino: When they first arrived at Liocott Island, Natsumi and the Red Cap Man are the first to show up. It was a surprise to see them.
Nojima: Natsumi was investigating something the whole time.
Yoshino: The others didn’t have a clue about what she was investigating back then though.
Takeuchi: Natsumi sure took on a lot of action. It’s like she’s not a junior high school student anymore!
Yoshino: Around there, there was a scene where Endou was practicing with the other world teams. And I really enjoyed the scene when Endou was being completely disregarded. “Hey you (person in front of the goal), just stand there”
Takeuchi: And Endou was still all “Okay! Come bring it!” (lol)
Yoshino: “I wonder when the ball will come my way~~” (lol)
Takeuchi: And going “Awesome!!” while watching everyone play. Cute.
Nojima: It was really cute!
Takeuchi: It made me think, this is what makes Endou-kun so great.
Nojima: And Aki showed up here too, as usual.
Yoshino: Aki came to pick him up, and Endou gave her a piggyback ride after her highheel broke.
Nojima: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yoshino: These kids are such misfits for their age!!
Takeuchi: The real misfit’s Sugita (Tomokazu)-kun! (lol)
Yoshino: Edgar, eh. It might be okay with the England folks. They’re a country of honorable knights, after all.
Takeuchi: Enough to make you feel the difference between kids and adults.
Yoshino: Well, Fidio was the one to make a good impression this time. He went out and reached out to Endou with good intentions. While Teres just totally ignored him.
Takeuchi: Speaking of which, why is Fidio a brunet? If he’d been blond, Shimono (Hiro)-kun might’ve had an easier time making his character.
Nojima: Oh, because Fidio looks like Handa (lol). Maybe it wouldn’t have been as obvious if he’d been blond?
Yoshino: Maybe to make him look more common.
Takeuchi: Japan’s team has more colors.
Yoshino: Someoka and Tsunami have those pink heads (lol)
-Nojima-san, are you happy now that Someoka’s been added to the tournament?-
Nojima: Yes. I like Someoka.~
-What about him do you like?
Nojima: Someoka’s voice Kase (Yasuyuki)-san is interesting.
Yoshino: Kase-san?! (lol)
Nojima: Someoka is a bit like Kase-san himself. The way he tries to make himself look strong in front of others (lol)

10. England Match
Takeuchi: Someoka used a new move in the England match.
Nojima: Someoka always makes the first break!
Yoshino: It was decided that Someoka would make the first shoot and all.
Nojima: Yeah yeah. To show his success, start with a shoot.
Yoshino: That’s the basics of soccer, how wonderful. And the big finishing point would probably be Toramaru’s Gladius Arch.
Takeuchi: But the part when Endou-kun realized what the Red Cap Man’s words meant was a big point! It led to Ijigen The Hand.
Yoshino: “If you can’t block it, then maybe you don’t have to block it at all.”
Takeuchi: He made it all clear. There I thought Endou-kun is really such a straightforward kid. Take the ball! That’s all!! Sportsman!
-Endou is basically catch moves, after all-
Yoshino: Megaton Head would be a punch move though (lol)
Takeuchi: A fist popping out from his head
Yoshino: That’s what makes this anime interesting. I mean, they’re playing out there on the field, yet they’re scoring by punching. Well, it’s fine. Sure, make it sportsmanly.
-Megaton Head was a prize winner for the monthly Corocoro magazine contest to invent new hissatsu-
Yoshino: Is that so.
Nojima: Kids really do have their own kind of imaginative power.

11. Team K Match
Yoshino: In terms of episodes, this was like the Italy version of the Neo Japan incident. And also a lead-in for the Italy match.
Nojima: I didn’t have any lines for a full month.
Takeuchi: Gouenji hadn’t come with us to the Italy area, after all.
Yoshino: The conversation between Kidou and Kageyama as they had their backs to each other was interesting. He’d chase Kageyama down alleys. And when he goes “Kageyamaaa!!”, it’d echo through.
Takeuchi: Yeah, yeah.
Yoshino: And then when he couldn’t hold it back after talking to Kageyama over his shoulder, he burst into the building going “Kageyamaaa!!”, but he’d already left through the other side.
Nojima: Suspense.
Takeuchi: It’s like a mystery novel (lol). And there was a lot of monologue there too. Like a conversation between two adults with Kidou and Kageyama!
Yoshino: The story was like that for that whole time. I was thinking “enough of this, let’s play soccer!” (lol)
Nojima: It was a focus on the story, huh.
Yoshino: Yeah. Well, there was soccer in it. Kageyama was up to his dirty tricks again, injuring the Italy players.
Takeuchi: And that’s how Endou-kun and the others joined in.
Yoshino: The team Kageyama created showed up, and their captain looked like a degraded version of Kidou…
Takeuchi: Don’t say degraded! (lol) Demonio sure looked a lot like Kidou.
-Demonio Strada is the Italian reading of Kidou (Demon Path)-
Yoshino: Ehh!!
Takeuchi: That’s kind of scary! Is that what he means by “Kidou’s my greatest masterpiece”? Kageyama was the one who was entrapped by Kidou’s existence…
Yoshino: That’s true, the whole time. Yet when Fidio started doing things, he’d say “Kidou, Fidio, you guys are the best!” Hey now, Commander Kageyama~?
Takeuchi: Yeah, for real! (lol) Well, the Team K match for the time being was full of penguin moves. That’s enough to make me happy. They were cute!

12. Argentina Match
Takeuchi: Endou-kun and the others didn’t play in this match.
Yoshino: Yeah, didn’t make it in time.
Takeuchi: Tachimukai-kun and the others did their best.
-Kurimatsu’s “Go right de yansu!” was in this one-
Yoshino: I really liked this development. It was nice to see they had an actual reason for losing. Without the coach and incomplete member lineup, it was a tough game.
Nojima: The two coaches were watching the game on TV like normal (lol)
Yoshino: After finding out they were tricked, they were like “Well, that’s that.” You grown-ups give up too easily! (lol) Even if it was for something like “They must learn to overcome this trial” it was still pretty terrible of them.
Nojima: They could’ve given instructions through cellphone at least.
Takeuchi: Megane was with them, so they could’ve called and talked it out at the bench at least.
Yoshino: Inazuma Japan is pretty Spartan on that end.
Takeuchi: The one leading the team for this game was…
Yoshino: Kazemaru!
Nojima: Not Gouenji!
Yoshino: Gouenji’s always like that. Leaving it to other people. Once he sees what’s going on, it’s like he’ll purposely go “Then what do we do?” And then when someone goes “Then let’s do this”, he’ll go “Yeah, let’s do that.” How cheap!
Nojima: Yes, he was definitely like that this time. He’d send everything to Kazemaru and say “Then what now?” (lol)
Takeuchi: Gouenji really isn’t a talker.
Yoshino: And he knows the answer in his mind already anyway. He just doesn’t say it.
Nojima: He’s like Coach Kudou in that fashion.
Takeuchi: But he wasn’t that quiet in the beginning. He just gradually stopped talking as much… what happened?
Yoshino: He went to Okinawa then stopped talking.
Nojima: Something harsh must’ve happened.
Yoshino: Since he had so much trouble saying “I kept you waiting.” (reference to older interview)
Nojima: That’s why?!
Yoshino: “Let’s just give Nojima-san less lines”
Nojima: That could be it… (lol)
Yoshino: Although it could be from the other characters coming in too.
Nojima: But it’d be nice if some of Kidou’s parts could be brought over to me.
Yoshino: I agree.
Nojima: Before Kidou came to Raimon, Gouenji was kind of doing Kidou’s position.
Yoshino: He was really Endou’s support.
Nojima: So when Kidou came by, he left it all to that guy, I’m sure.
Takeuchi: Is Kidou your dad?! (lol) Well, on that end, the second half was when Hiroto took the lead since Kazemaru got injured. Kazemaru and Hiroto are in similar positions.
Yoshino: Yeah. Their atmosphere does overlap a bit, but if there’s one way to differentiate them, it’d be the fact that Kazemaru is Endou-kun’s close friend.
Takeuchi: I actually didn’t know about that background information… this was from last year, when Kazemaru got depressed and left the Inazuma Caravan and Endou-kun got a huge shock and got depressed too. I said eh, they had such a deep relationship?! (lol)
Yoshino: Kazemaru said “I can’t do this anymore” and left.
Takeuchi: And even Kurimatsu left.
Yoshino: He left a letter and said that he was giving up.
Nojima: And he even wrote “yansu” in the letter! (lol)
Yoshino: Well, Endou went out of his way to scout Kazemaru from the Athletics club, which led to the realization of his passion for soccer. But we don’t know their far past story.
Takeuchi: It seems they’ve known each other for a really long time, but we don’t know the details.
Yoshino: Well, that aside, the Argentina match was tough.
Takeuchi: They didn’t have Fudou either.
Yoshino: That’s the thing. Besides Kidou and Fudou, there isn’t anybody to control the center.
Takeuchi: Guess there aren’t more people who use their heads. A lot of them like to move on impulse though.
Yoshino: (lol) Inazuma Japan is really distinct about who’s in front and who’s in back.
Nojima: That’s true.
Yoshino: That’s why Kazemaru was moved from defender to being a midfielder, and Fubuki gets put on defense?
Takeuchi: That’s true. Now that you mention it, Fubuki wasn’t in the Argentina match.
Yoshino: Yeah, he came back for the America match.

13. America Match
Nojima: I like Dylan. He’s interesting.
Yoshino: We suddenly got English coming in at this point.
Nojima: Yeah yeah.
Takeuchi: YES!
Yoshino: Why “gingin”? That one feels more like Showa times. (lol)
Takeuchi/Nojima: (lol)
Yoshino: If Dylan were to get popular, elementary kids would be going “GINGIN DAZE!” I wonder if the Heisei period isn’t trendy for them…
Takeuchi: The America match was tough on Kaji-kun (Ichinose and Fudou).
Yoshino: Both Ichinose and Fudou were in it, after all. And Domon was just there.
-Domon did his best too?-
Yoshino: At first, he went “Ichinose isn’t the only one who’s leveled up!” after doing Volcano Cut V2? (lol) But Unicorn didn’t have the same members, so they couldn’t shoot The Phoenix either.
Takeuchi: Hadn’t it evolved?
Yoshino: Then The Phoenix wasn’t enough to fight against the world? Maybe it became Rolling Thunder then.
Takeuchi: Ichinose was really cool. Actually, Ichinose kind of irritated me up until that point (lol). He didn’t know how to read the atmosphere, and when he made his appearance, he’d go around making himself look good and finishing it off with a pose. And he didn’t even have much of a hissatsu in the first place (lol). I thought “I don’t need you!” But this time, seeing him push himself to do his best until the very end, it was amazing.
Yoshino: And then he did that pose in the end.
Nojima: Everyone at the recording session went “Uwa, he did it again!”
Takeuchi: He really doesn’t need to do that pose.
Nojima: He just naturally acts cool.

14. Daily Life in the Japan Area
-First off, the Kappa brothers story-
Yoshino: Fake Bomber!
Takeuchi: That was cute!
Yoshino: (making swimming motions) su-isuisui♪ su-isuisui♪
Takeuchi: Kappa was the best. This was one of the characters made by the readers, right?
-Yes. For a Monthly Corocoro magazine new character contest.
Nojima: When you get the general public sending in stuff, you really get unique outcomes (lol)
Yoshino: The Kappa brothers made an impact. It wasn’t even related to the Inazuma Eleven story, but it was a really interesting story for the world it’s in! This one was a really peculiar one right from the start. Endou-kun went “I saw a kappa last night!”
Takeuchi: It’s true!
Yoshino: And then Hiroto went “Kappas are imaginary animals, so they don’t exist for real.”
Takeuchi: I don’t want someone who claimed to be an alien telling me that! (lol)
Yoshino: Hiroto and Kogure lost to the Kappa brothers 17-1, but they were released after scoring that last point. It was quite a strange story.
Nojima: Those are some strong kappas. (lol)
Yoshino: And when Hiroto came back at the end, he said “Endou-kun, kappas really do exist!” (lol) I wanted that to be the proverb for the day.
-The RC Shoot that showed up next was also created from a public contest-
Nojima: That was also intense!
-He didn’t even kick the ball. Well, maybe he did-
Nojima: Toramaru’s controlling the ball with a remote, isn’t he?
Yoshino: You can take it anywhere like that! (lol)

16. Heaven and Hell Arc
Nojima: It was like wandering into a mysterious planet. Kind of like the kappa incident?
Takeuchi: The kappa story was more on the happier side though.
Yoshino: Kidou and Gouenji went after Hell Army Z, but how was the fight against Messengers of the Sky?
Takeuchi: We did our best~ I was a bit caught off guard about Endou getting passionate to save Rika though (lol)
Yoshino: Because he didn’t have a reason to save Rika? (lol)
Takeuchi: Not that, but I had an odd feeling with Endou-kun saying the line “We’ll save Rika”. Since all the drama with Rika would involve Ichinose up until then.
-Rika and Haruna end up wearing outfits to be the bride to the demon lord and sacrifice to the demon lord.
Nojima: Haruna doesn’t take her glasses off even in that outfit.
Yoshino: Having the glasses on the head makes her a challenger (lol)
Nojima: I thought Hell Army Z would be more life-threatening strong, but they’re actually…
Takeuchi: Both of the teams finish their games in single episodes. What I’m curious about most is just exactly who these old twin guys are.
Yoshino: Well, it’s the legend of Liocott Island. It’s all a mystery!

Interviews continue in the next issue!
The lineart for Haruna has Kidou in the corner going “Harunaaa!” and I can’t read much else in the thumbnails except pointing out objects like necklace and bracelet. Both girls are done by Inoue Yuuko.
I wish they’d make a DVD special for this interview instead– I want to hear Yocchin’s suisuisui D8!!!!

And the New Year Art!!!!!! My favorite part along with the Break-gumi interview.
A & B drawn by Ikeda Yuuji
Note A: The females in this series don’t get much of an appearance and most aren’t copyrighted, so I only get the freedom to draw them like this for these kinds of situations… and so with that in mind, I drew this 2-shot.
Note B: You only get two scenes in the series where Kidou has his goggles off. Personally, I have a liking for Kidou with his goggles off in the Teikoku academy uniform… Teehee!
C & D drawn by Inoue Yuuko
Note C: This is my way of showing gratitude for having Fubuki and Kazemaru in the top 30 popular characters (both male and female) for the entire year (and for just about the past half year, the top 10) + additional Someoka since they both get along with him.
Note D: I’m drawing Kidou! And since last year I had him wearing a tiger-striped cape, I was thinking of giving him a bunny-eared hood…… but he wouldn’t wear that (lol). So it’s showered with penguins. And Fudou wouldn’t smile for us so I had him eat mochi.
E & F drawn by Honda Takashi
Note E: This one’s in commemoration of the movie production. Sorry for my terrible writing…
Note F: I normally handle the non-captain players from rival teams, so I drew one of the captains this time. I failed a bit penning it in…
G & H drawn by Sawada Masato (main animator)
Note G: The first hissatsu I drew for Endou was God Hand. I drew it while remembering that.
Note H: After that, the first hissatsu I drew for Gouenji was Fire Tornado. In similar fashion, I drew it while remembering that.
*wants them all XD~~ Kidou’s eyessssssssssss, Fudou eatinggggg, penguinsssssss*

Favorite pairs/combinations were voted in order to select who’d be on the cover for this issue, results:
Tied 1st place 39 votes
Endou & Kazemaru
Burn & Gazel

3: Someoka Ryuugo & Fubuki Shirou – 20 votes
4: Kidou Yuuto & Fudou Akio – 19 votes
5: Kiyama Hiroto & Midorikawa Ryuuji – 18 votes
6: Kazemaru Ichirouta & Fubuki Shirou – 17 votes
7: Endou Mamoru & Gouenji Shuuya – 15 votes
8: Kidou Yuuto & Fudou Akio & Sakuma Jirou – 14 votes
9: Tachimukai Yuuki & Tsunami Jousuke – 13 votes
10: Teikoku Eleven – 11 votes
10: Fubuki Shirou & Fubuki Atsuya – 11 votes

Pash January 2011 scans:

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