Animage February 2011 + Animage March 2011

Animage February 2011
Highlight: Character Awards 2010 Takeuchi Junko (Endou), Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou) interview no summary

Animage March 2011
Highlight: Mata ne… no Kisetsu Inazuma All-Stars comments, T-Pistonz + KMC comments, Kamakura Yumi interview no summary

Skipped a few repeated images as usual.
Animage February 2011:

Animage March 2011:

Ton Niino states his favorite character is Someoka, which is why the Good Kita! single (regular edition) came with a Someoka card. KMC’s favorite is Tachimukai, and his card came in the Bokura no Goal single (regular edition).

Might get to summaries later, but depends on requests.

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