Animage November 2011

Animage November 2011
Highlight: Inazuma Eleven GO Teikoku Cover Issue! Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview, T-Pistonz + KMC interview, various other interviews w/ summaries

Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview:
✿ Kobayashi imagines if Kirino had an Avatar, it would be an angel surrounded with flowers
✿ Kobayashi refers to Kirino as “Ranmaru-san” and wants to see Shindou-san call him “Ranmaru” some day
✿ Kobayashi also wants to see Kirino singing to Shindou’s piano music some day

There’s an extra tidbit with Tano Megumi (Sakuma) again, asking about what happened with Sakuma after Kidou went to Raimon to become the trainer… no official answer, just prospects of being Teikoku’s Coach or going overseas to play soccer (but not in Italy).

T-Pistonz + KMC interview
✿ Using Tenma’s name for “Ten Made Todoke!” and then his habit saying “nantoka naru no sa!” (things will work out) for “Naseba Naru no sa Nanairo Tamago” were both totally on purpose.
✿ In the second verse of “Naseba Naru no sa Nanairo Tamago”, they used the word Pegasus before they even knew Tenma’s Avatar was Demon God Pegasus. Fun coincidence
✿ KMC makes a light joke about Tenma’s wind in the 2nd op lifting girl’s skirts. Also Kidou’s “iPad” which was actually just a clipboard.
✿ Ton Niino likes Sangoku, KMC likes Minamisawa but was sad to see he wasn’t in the 2nd op at all. Uuu
✿ KMC’s favorite is Tachimukai, but he also likes guys who are coldhearted and rebellious in places like Fudou and Tsurugi.
✿ Ton Niino fanboys Someoka and how his pink is the best evar (Kirino’s is too pretty for him). Somepink ftw! He loves the Someoka strap (ed2).
✿ KMC on the other hand would go for the penguins (also for the ed2).

Yamaguchi Kentarou interview (Op 2)
✿ First time directing and doing the picture contents for any opening.

Ending 2 “Kanari Junjou” description
1. Tenma and Shinsuke celebrating and going “Yay, we got our first cell phones!”
2. They’re trying to show off their cell phones to Tsurugi, but since they’re newbies, they’re slow at using the keys. Tsurugi gets ticked off and says “You guys, sit right there!”
3. Tsurugi teaches Tenma and Shinsuke how to write in “Ma-tsu-ka-ze” “Ni-shi-zo-no”. Tenma and Shinsuke go “We did it! <3" afterwards 4. Tenma: "Let's exchange addresses" Tsurugi: "No" Shinsuke: "We'll call you" Tsurugi: "No" Tenma/Shinsuke: "....(anticipation★)" Tsurugi: "....." 5. Aoi's load of cell phone straps. A fan of Inazuma Japan? 6. Tenma: "What're those?" Shinsuke: "A cell phone? More like a bunch of straps?!" Aoi: "Makes it easier when I take it out of my bag" Tenma/Shinsuke: "Eh~?" 7. Tenma/Shinsuke impressed with Aoi's fast key input 8. Aoi sending her message to Tenma and Shinsuke 9. Tenma and Shinsuke receiving Aoi's message and smiling Kamakura Yumi interview (Ed 2)
✿ Aoi’s cell phone straps are modeled after Takagaki Ayahi’s (Kurama). She also has a ton on her cell phone because “it makes it easy to take out”
✿ In the original picture contents, only Gouenji and Kogure were in the straps, but eventually a whole bunch of other favorite characters came out to the final image. Kamakura picked Kidou, Inoue Yuuko (character design) picked Kazemaru, Nagano Takuzou (original character design) picked Someoka. Nagano drew the straps image.
✿ Interviewer thought Kamakura’s favorite was Fubuki, but it’s more like she has a special attachment because of her involvement with Fubuki’s story during the Endou generation. But the one she likes is Kidou (lol). Fubuki’s part is still in the image though, with the soccer ball shaped snack (ep 32). Also, YES the banana is the one Fudou threw at Genda in ep 37 (lol).
✿ Kurumada is not used to using cell phones. Hamano is playing games on his cell phone. Akane is taking pics with hers. Kurama is calling his parents. In the original he had some scary face, so Kamakura asked it to be revised so that it seemed like he was saying “What errands you want me to do when I come home from school?”
✿ Kamakura’s message for fans is to prepare for even more big turns in the future for the Inazuma Eleven GO series!

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