Animage December 2011

Animage December 2011
Highlight: Shindou and Kirino – Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou Takuto) and Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview, Miyao Yoshikazu reflections on Op/Ed2 no summary

Just a few highlights:
✿ Kobayashi jokes about how she counts the number of times she gets to say “Shindou” when she gets episode scripts.
✿ Kobayashi’s favorite: Shindou. Favorite combi: Shindou/Kirino. Favorite hissatsu technique: The Mist and Shindou’s Avatar
✿ Saiga’s favorite: No favorites since she loves everyone equally, like the captain. Favorite combi: Tenma and Shinsuke, since they’re always so positive. Favorite hissatsu: Fortissimo and Harmonics

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