Animage December 2012

Animage December 2012: InaDan Movie Intro Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview, w/ summaries

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✿ When first told about the crossover, Miyao was quite surprised as he never expected it to actually happen. The preliminary plans for the movie were done around March, and that’s when he was called in.
✿ Elements they wanted in the movie were first proposed, followed by which order they would come into play and prioritizing them. What Miyao wanted to bring in top priority was “what exactly unified both worlds to accomplish something”.
✿ When asked why Tenma and the others are playing soccer, and if it’s because it happens after the ban on soccer is lifted… Miyao confirms that the Inazuma GO and Danball Senki W in this movie are NOT directly linked with their TV series and should be treated as parallel worlds.
✿ Miyao personally requested Tsunami to be in the New Alumni Inazuma Japan team that’s in the movie. He even wanted Tsunami in the Gryphon movie too but it didn’t happen.

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