Animage April 2013

Animage April 2013: Highlight: El Dorado 02 Omega – Taniyama Kishou (Alpha), Ise Mariya (Beta), Tai Yuuki (Gamma), Konishi Katsuyuki (Zanark) interview, Kitahara Sayaka (Sorano Aoi) interview w/ summaries

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✿ Taniyama and Ise had troubles grasping their characters’ personalities at first. Taniyama kept trying to put emotion into Alpha but was instructed to take it all out. Ise was only told that her character had two personalities, A and B, and the A personality (naive, innocent) was much more difficult for her than the B personality. About Gamma’s “Smart”, the only explanation for its use is that it’s similar to “Roger”. Zanark, on the other hand, didn’t give any particular frustration for Konishi, because he’s just… a lovable idiot.
✿ Ise auditioned for other characters as well but was assigned Beta. Taniyama and Konishi were requested to do their roles.
✿ Tai mourns over how Gamma never got to used Avatar Armed or actually be a team captain.
✿ Omega Attack was really hard to say in sync. They had to retake it a whole bunch of times and they don’t even remember when they finally got it.

Interview to be continued in Prince Animage.

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