Prince Animage Autumn 2013

Prince Animage Autumn 2013: Highlight: Analyzing Pair – Nojima Hirofumi (Manabe Jin’ichirou) & Yonaga Tsubasa (Minaho Kazuto) interview, Sasaki Seiji (Kuroiwa) interview w/ summaries

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Dansen Wars:

Nojima Hirofumi (Manabe Jin’ichirou) & Yonaga Tsubasa (Minaho Kazuto) interview:
✿First impression when the role was decided (both roles were by request rather than through audition): Nojima “Another role to add to the list! (lol)” Yonaga asks Nojima how many roles he’s done since he’s been there from the beginning, and Nojima lost count. Nojima notes that his main characters so far (Gouenji and Kurumada) have both been very manly types, so while Manabe’s atmosphere is somewhat close to Einam, Manabe is even more of an honest kid.
Yonaga is from the same studio as Okabayashi Fumihiro (Kusaka) and Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru), and they’ve done radio shows together. He even went to see the movie with the two and bought the DVD box of the first 127 Inazuma Eleven episodes.
✿Nojima jokes about how you don’t become a full-fledged part of the Inazuma cast until you have a time where your role is attacking another one of your roles. All of the old members aside from Endou experienced that. Yonaga hasn’t experienced it yet. Even Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Ibuki) has when Ibuki took on the Gold Fever attack from Maxim. Nojima wishes the end credits would list out all of the individual overlapping roles.
✿Nojima’s favorite overlapping role in Galaxy so far is the cat that Konoha saved…
✿Nojima jokes about having Manabe, Kurumada, and Gouenji having a conversation together in one scene. Yonaga mentions how he also had two overlapping roles just in Resistance Japan itself. More talk about overlapping roles– Manabe’s parents being Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Endou Aya, Tomatsu Haruka voicing Matatagi’s little brother. Yonaga voiced a big bodied player, as well as an elderly doctor, which he wasn’t sure he could do. He talked with Konno Jun who was voicing the other doctor and suggested they switch roles, but Yonaga pulled off the elderly role in the end.

✿Fukuyama Keiko made a special drawing to celebrate 5 years of Inazuma anime. Various characters write down their personal proverb…
Endou: Let’s play soccer!
Baddap: Death Spear! *whirling sound effect*
Kazemaru: Soccer contains a world you can’t see by yourself!
Kabeyama: I won’t let you pass!
Shourinji: I’ll have the char siu noodles!
Megane: Biggest man of success
Miyasaka: You’re so cool, Kazemaru-san!
Ichinose: I won’t give up!
Domon: Now I know I love soccer
Max: Soccer with everyone
Kurimatsu: That’s Raimon’s soccer ~de yansu
Shishido: Thank goodness…!!
Taiyou: What should I do? I still want to play soccer
Zanark: I thought you’d say that {it’s mostly covered up but it’s so obvious, lol}
Kirino: Believe in yourself
Sangoku: I’ll give you pudding for dessert
Kinako: I’ll support you
Kariya: What’s the point of telling me that?!
Kurama: What makes you think you can say you hate snakes
Hayami/Hamano: We caught this together!!
Kageno: I’ll come with you if you like … (to the bathroom)
Kurumada: Shupoo!! {Dash Train sound effect}
Minamisawa: I’m grateful
Handa: The dragon went roar!
Fudou/Ichino/Aoyama: Benchwarmers
Amano/Hikaru: Uggiiiii~!!
Someoka: All right!!!!
Fubuki: Let’s be like the wind
Kuroiwa: Black room with falling iron bars
Kidou: I’ve become Teikoku {literally Teikoku to narimashita}
Haruna: Nii-san, that’s the show that happens 30 minutes after ours {reference to Danball Senki Wars where Teikoku to narimashita is commonly heard but means something else}
Shinsuke: Full-throttle…!!!
Tsurugi: *picture of Yuuichi*
Tenma: “I thought you had your wallet on the end of the chain, but it’s a picture charm…
Tove: UHO!!
Fei: Saru doesn’t lie, he wouldn’t use his superpowers during the match!! …Although he made me use it
Saru: Survival of the fittest
Funagi: “Which one should I use today…” 1. Everyone’s doing better than I thought! 2. This is the worst
Hakuryuu: You worthless! You buddy-buddies!! You third rank!!!
Manabe: This hologram has all the data from Hakuryuu-san input inside.
Ibuki: Wild D{unk}
Shindou: I’m always here
Matatagi: Get along with other people!
Tetsukado: Greenling {ainame} can also be referred to as Aburame
Sakura: That could happen too!
Minato: The Scotland Yard I look up to
Kusaka: I want to understand her more
Konoha: Little kitty… <3 Aoi: Everyone's gotten so much better! Minori: That's true... Gouenji: The legend is just starting!! Tenma: Soccer is a bridge that connects everyone!!

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