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News – Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD Planned For Release August 24th

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD “Eien no Kizuna!!” (Eternal Bonds)
Release: August 24, 2012

Summary: An original story following the events from Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie ~Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon
An episode of Tenma, Tsurugi, and Shindou from the Raimon Eleven and Hakuryuu, Shuu and the others, all with their strengthened friendship.
They’ll get to experience hot springs, (super-dimensional) ping-pong and the ancient soccer of the island of God Eden.
Lots of friendship and laughs, only in this drama CD!

Cast: Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, Saiga Mitsuki, Kobayashi Yuu, Tomatsu Haruka, Fujimura Ayumu, Tai Yuuki, Iwasaki Ryou, Kitahara Sayaka, Yurin, Mina, Fukuyama Jun, Sawashiro Miyuki, others

(information is subject to change)

At the moment, distribution seems to be similar to the first CD in that it has no full label to allow the CD to be purchased wholesale.

Source: Inazuma Official Shop

News – Inazuma Eleven GO Tanabata Festival (Updated)

Title: Ama no gawa made todoke! Inazuma Eleven GO Tanabata Festival
When: Saturday July 7, 2012 (Begins 19:00 JST = 3:00 AM PST also on the 7th)
Nico Nico Douga link

Part 1 (FREE viewing on net with Nico Nico Douga account):
-Opening live, introduction to Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone with the seiyuu and President Hino
-Latest news on the game and anime

Part 2 (NET ticket holders have priority viewing):
-Live recording of an original Tanabata theme story
-Seiyuu talk sessions, live performances of character songs and from T-Pistonz+KMC
-Other original and exclusive event goods
-More details to be presented at a later time

Appearances by:
Terasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma)
Kimura Akiko (Fei Rune)
Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke)
Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou Takuto)
Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru)
Satou Kensuke (Sangoku Taichi)
MC America Zarigani
LEVEL-5 Hino Akihiro

“Real” tickets (~140 of them) to the event location itself (Nicofarre Hall) are being sold for 5250 yen (~$66). Comes with a meet and greet session with the seiyuu.
“Net” tickets to view the event online on Nico Nico Douga will go on sale June 9, 10 AM (Japan time) for 1,575 points (yen, or ~$20 USD). (Note: NicoDouga uses a special security system that does not accept payments from outside Japan >_>).

Warnings that although Part 1 is free viewing for all, there may be times when the NicoDouga server will NOT accept all connections. In such cases, Net ticket holders and Nico Premium account holders will have access priority.

If you want a NicoDouga account but can’t read Japanese, you can Google a tutorial on registering.

6/19 Update: The following characters will have “Morning wakeup messages” recorded based on lines submitted by fans:
Terasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma)
Kimura Akiko (Fei Rune)
Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke)
Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou Takuto)
Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru)
Satou Kensuke (Sangoku Taichi)
T-Pistonz+KMC (all 4 in one recording)
Taniyama Kishou (Alpha)

The messages will then be put into alarm clocks that will be given as prizes to 8 lucky people. (I just personally wish the voices will be available to download on PC too but it’s probably not likely…? :V)

Source: Official Site

News – T-Pistonz+KMC Limited Edition Singles to Come with Uniforms

Both Jounetsu wa MuneATSU! and Kandou Kyouyuu! limited edition singles will come with 1 of 3 RANDOM Raimon Eleven (GO) uniforms. The 3 uniforms are Matsukaze Tenma’s (8) which comes with the red captain mark, Shindou Takuto’s (9), and Tsurugi Kyousuke’s (10). The uniforms are size 160cm, which is basically a large children’s size.

Title: Jounetsu wa MuneATSU!
Artist: T-Pistonz + KMC
Released: 2012/06/20
Catalog No.: PKCF-1077-78
Where to purchase:
CDJapan (limited edition) | (regular edition)

Title: Kandou Kyouyuu!
Artist: T-Pistonz + KMC
Released: 2012/07/04
Catalog No.: PKCF-1082-83
Where to purchase:
CDJapan (limited edition) | (regular edition)

You can see images of the uniforms on AmazonJP.

(I personally just want uniform 8 and 10 ;X)
I’m mostly putting a post on here as a notice for potential uniform trades in the case I get doubles or Shindou’s. XD; yesyes?

Animage May 2012

Animage May 2012
Highlight: Legend of Raimon ElevenNojima Hirofumi (Gouenji Shuuya), Takagaki Ayahi (Kurama Norihito), Konno Jun (Hamano Kaiji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Hayami Tsurumasa) interview, Movie Making File by Director Miyao Yoshikazu no summary

May get to summarizing these interviews sometime, but atm I didn’t find anything that I particularly wanted to note ^^;
The most enjoyable part for me was the Movie Making File with lots of interesting art by the director, Miyao Yoshikazu. Has spoilers for the Inazuma Eleven GO movie.

PASH! May 2012

PASH! May 2012
Highlight: Inazuma Eleven GO – Post-season reflections no summary

Otomedia Spring 2012

Otomedia Spring 2012
Highlight: GO CharaSong AlbumTerasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma), Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke) interview w/ summaries

Terasaki Yuka (Matsukaze Tenma), Oohara Takashi (Tsurugi Kyousuke) interview
There’s a lot of overlap with the website Character Song Messages From the Voice Actors (GO), so here’s the newer stuff:
✿ Oohara says he thinks he listens to Tenma’s “Soyokaze Step” the most because he likes the lightheartedness of the song, and he ends up humming to end often.
✿ For the Raimon School Theme song, the official setting is that all of the first-years are there INCLUDING Tsurugi, just that he isn’t singing. There was also originally a part where Shinsuke says “Why aren’t you singing, Tsurugi?~” but it got cut out for the final version.
✿ Terasaki also particularly likes “Ashita no Field” and “Houkago Chemistry”.
✿ Oohara admits he was a little drunk when he first listened to “Ashita no Field”, but hearing Saiga’s singing sobered him up.
✿ Oohara wants to hear a song by Hamano-senpai. Terasaki suggests a fishing song by Hamano and Hayami. And a song from Amagi with plenty of “dadodado”. Also an idol song with all the managers, not just Aoi, but also with Midori, Yamana and Haruna-sensei. Oohara suggests adding Sasuke to the pack. Terasaki also wants to sing a song with Shinsuke, while Oohara wants to sing one with Nishiki-senpai (o.O).
✿ Oohara would also like to sing a song as Tsurugi to a cool melody like Resistance, one to fit his image of fighting on the field during a match. But when he says he’d like to sing it with something, Terasaki suggests Tenma joins in with occasional lines like “You can do it, Tsurugi!”, which Oohara cleanly objects with a laugh.

Prince Animage Spring 2012

Highlight: Glasses menAkiyama Katsuhito (Director), Kamakura Yumi (Assistant Director) interview, Nojima Hirofumi (Ishido Shuuji), Kase Yasuyuki (Someoka Ryuugo), Eguchi Takuya (Amemiya Taiyou) interview, various other interviews w/ summaries Continue reading

News – Chrono Stone Cast

About the new characters currently presented for Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone:

Continue reading

Animage April 2012

Animage April 2012
Highlight: T-Pistonz + KMCTPK interview w/ summaries

Yes, they did misspell T-Pistonz+KMC in giant letters, them Animage editors…
Lyrics+Translations for most of the songs mentioned on my lyrics site.

✿ “Ohayou! Shining Day” is the first TPK song that KMC worked on by himself (lyrics). The fact that you need someone to say “Good morning” to and being grateful for having that someone is what inspired him. The 2nd chorus especially shows KMC’s personality. (The “Sorry!” and “Thank you for everything” packed into “Good morning!”). Ton Niino talks about how when guys are growing up and get into arguments with their parents, the next morning they’ll have trouble apologizing and say it with their “good morning” instead. And that KMC is still like that even now since he’s the type who finds it difficult to say sorry. Even as he wrote those lyrics, it was after he had an argument with Ton Niino, so instead of apologizing, he sent him those lyrics.
✿ “Uchikudaaku” was written by the three usual TPK members. KMC sees this song and “Ohayou! Shining Day” as opposite sides of the same message (such as hero and anti-hero). KMC sees himself as more of the anti-hero type while Ton Niino is the bright, straightforward hero. This song was probably the one they had to rewrite the most, since it was so difficult to express it in just the right way.
✿ The message in both songs are “be honest with yourself”.

✿ For “Bokura no Rakuen”, KMC and Hiroshi joined in the “LOVE LOVE LOVE” chorus with Ton Niino, but since Ton Niino’s voice stands out so much, most of the 5~6 layers were done by KMC and Hiroshi.
✿ The lyrics are very particular on the “LOVE LOVE LOVE” for the final part of the chorus and not just “lalala”. The final impact when the instrumental fades out completely and leaves only the chorus makes a big impact in the movie screening.

✿ While KMC was working on “Ohayou! Shining Day”, Ton Niino worked on 2 songs for the GO character song album, “Ano Ki no Shita ni Atsumarou! (Gather Under that Tree!)” and the lyrics for “Dakara Zettai Daijoubu (That’s Why It’ll Be All Right)”.
✿ The working title for “Ano Ki no Shita ni Atsumarou! (Gather Under that Tree!)” was actually “Ohisashi Puri! (It’s been a long time since we last went to the photobooth)” a shortening and pun on “ohisashiburi (have not seen you for a long time”. The finalized title is linked to the title “Mata ne… no Kisetsu”.
✿ Ton Niino’s dream of writing a song for Someoka came true~ The line “Whether you’re wearing a suit or a jersey, you’re the same character as ever!” was created before they knew what Someoka looked like at age 24, so it ended up being a perfect coincidence.

✿ “Sekaijuu no Minna Atsumariiyo!” (the song for Inazuma Strikers Extreme) from the Best album has the fastest rap that KMC has done so far. Up until then, “Genki ni Nariiyo!” had been the fastest.

Album of Memories Questions:
1. Most impressionable scenes
2. Most impressionable characters
3. Impressions of the movie
4. What kind of story do you want to see happen?

Ton Niino’s Answers
✿ 1.
-The scene when Shindou makes a goal after Tenma passing the ball to him so many times.
-The scene when Tenma visits Sangoku’s place.
-When Someoka comes back from Italy~.
-The scene when Kidou says “let’s eat” after getting a delivery from Tobitaka.
-Then scene when Endou returns.
✿ 2.
-Ton Niino didn’t like Kariya at first for bullying around Kirino, but now he likes him~
-Tsurugi now that he can use formal speech/keigo (lol).
-Someoka, as usual. Lots of fanboying. His last line is “Minna Someoka ni narou!! (Everyone, let’s become Someoka!!)”
-Shuu’s character, and Sawashiro-san’s voice~
-The most touching scene for him was between Tsurugi and Hakuryuu at the end, made him cry~
-The field changing scenery made him cry too
-The usual Sangoku-senpai “Fence Of Gaia…Gahhh!” (lol).
-Aoyama and Ichino getting a highlight when they save Aoi.
✿ 4.
-Wants to see more activity outside soccer, and to have TPK show up as Raimon’s cheer squad owo; Also wants to see a school festival where they set up a band: Endou on drums, Kidou on bass guitar, Kazemaru on guitar, and Someoka + Ton Niino as twin vocals. The band would be called “Ryuu-chan Ton-chan + RMO (Raimon OB)”.

KMC’s Answers
✿ 1.
-Also Someoka’s appearance, and the whole thing about needing a meal.
-Tobitaka’s “One bowl of nosiness.”
✿ 2. There’s also Yukimura, but it’s gotta be Minamisawa-senpai.
-Shuu, holding that darkness inside him
-Ending the score as a tie was touching
✿ 4. School festival! He imagines the maid cafe needing extra help, so Kazemaru or Shindou would help out… *coughcough*. Also hold a band at the school festival with TPK.~

Animage March 2012

Animage March 2012
Highlight: Inazuma Eleven GO Character Song Album, Kariya Masaki, Ending 3 w/ summaries

Character songs:
✿ Tai figures that when Kariya likes something, he tends to get all into it. On the other hand, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll really dislike it. So if Kariya didn’t like singing, he wouldn’t be singing at all. Therefore, Kariya likes to sing, so he sung the Raimon School Theme Song seriously with the other characters. XD
✿ Since the rest of the first-years singing the Raimon School Theme were girls, Tai had to sing an octave higher than his usual. The “Raimon~” parts were especially tough on him (lol)
✿ Tai’s impression of an image song for Tsurugi, before he knew it was a duet between the brothers, was that it’d be a death metal song (lol). His favorite song is Tenma’s because it’s like an anime opening, and it really portrays how Tenma moves everyone’s hearts.

To sum things up…
✿ His eyes turn slanted when he goes into serious mode~
✿ He’s also the type to bully the one he likes.
✿ Tai would apologize to Kobayashi for all the bad things Kariya did to Kirino’s character, but Kirino’s seiyuu Kobayashi Yuu would say it was fine, no problem “since Kariya’s cute” XD
✿ Tai was given 2 pieces of the lineart for his character. When he saw the first one, the round-eyed one, he went “Is it really okay for me to be playing such a cute-looking kid?” And then he saw the second one with the evil eyes, and he went “what’s going on here” (lol).

Ending 3 – HAJIKE-YO!
✿ Kamakura Yumi’s rendition of the ending dialogue:
1. *Kariya starts up a conversation with Tenma as they run*
2. Shinsuke and Kageyama butt in. Kariya: “Hey!”
3. Tsurugi comes in next. Shinsuke: “Let’s set up a Christmas party!”
4. Kageyama: “What did you ask Santa for this year?”
5. Kariya: “Geh, you still believe in Santa?”
6. Shinsuke: “Santa exists!”
7. Aoi: “He sure does!”
8. Tsurugi: “He sure does.”
9. Tenma: “He sure does!”

✿ Tai was also asked what he thought the characters were saying. His scenario goes like
Kariya: “Let’s go eat anmitsu after practice”
Hikaru: “Eh? I’d rather have a parfait.”
Tsurugi: “I’ll order a brownie sundae.”
Hikaru: “See, western style desserts, not Asian.”
Kariya: “What the heck, you guys?”
Shinsuke: “I’m with parfait!”
Aoi: “That sounds good.”
Tsurugi: “Brownie sundae.”
Tenma: “I’m good with anything.”
And so they all decide to go to a western style cafe. Tai thinks that Kariya isn’t into the latest trends, and with Tsurugi’s “death” image he’d order something dark like chocolate for dessert. Tai also notices Tsurugi carrying the cooler in the earlier part of the ending. He IS a first-year, after all (lol).