Animage March 2012

Animage March 2012
Highlight: Inazuma Eleven GO Character Song Album, Kariya Masaki, Ending 3 w/ summaries

Character songs:
✿ Tai figures that when Kariya likes something, he tends to get all into it. On the other hand, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll really dislike it. So if Kariya didn’t like singing, he wouldn’t be singing at all. Therefore, Kariya likes to sing, so he sung the Raimon School Theme Song seriously with the other characters. XD
✿ Since the rest of the first-years singing the Raimon School Theme were girls, Tai had to sing an octave higher than his usual. The “Raimon~” parts were especially tough on him (lol)
✿ Tai’s impression of an image song for Tsurugi, before he knew it was a duet between the brothers, was that it’d be a death metal song (lol). His favorite song is Tenma’s because it’s like an anime opening, and it really portrays how Tenma moves everyone’s hearts.

To sum things up…
✿ His eyes turn slanted when he goes into serious mode~
✿ He’s also the type to bully the one he likes.
✿ Tai would apologize to Kobayashi for all the bad things Kariya did to Kirino’s character, but Kirino’s seiyuu Kobayashi Yuu would say it was fine, no problem “since Kariya’s cute” XD
✿ Tai was given 2 pieces of the lineart for his character. When he saw the first one, the round-eyed one, he went “Is it really okay for me to be playing such a cute-looking kid?” And then he saw the second one with the evil eyes, and he went “what’s going on here” (lol).

Ending 3 – HAJIKE-YO!
✿ Kamakura Yumi’s rendition of the ending dialogue:
1. *Kariya starts up a conversation with Tenma as they run*
2. Shinsuke and Kageyama butt in. Kariya: “Hey!”
3. Tsurugi comes in next. Shinsuke: “Let’s set up a Christmas party!”
4. Kageyama: “What did you ask Santa for this year?”
5. Kariya: “Geh, you still believe in Santa?”
6. Shinsuke: “Santa exists!”
7. Aoi: “He sure does!”
8. Tsurugi: “He sure does.”
9. Tenma: “He sure does!”

✿ Tai was also asked what he thought the characters were saying. His scenario goes like
Kariya: “Let’s go eat anmitsu after practice”
Hikaru: “Eh? I’d rather have a parfait.”
Tsurugi: “I’ll order a brownie sundae.”
Hikaru: “See, western style desserts, not Asian.”
Kariya: “What the heck, you guys?”
Shinsuke: “I’m with parfait!”
Aoi: “That sounds good.”
Tsurugi: “Brownie sundae.”
Tenma: “I’m good with anything.”
And so they all decide to go to a western style cafe. Tai thinks that Kariya isn’t into the latest trends, and with Tsurugi’s “death” image he’d order something dark like chocolate for dessert. Tai also notices Tsurugi carrying the cooler in the earlier part of the ending. He IS a first-year, after all (lol).

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