Animage September 2010

Animage September 2010
Highlight: Drama CD – Takeuchi Junko (Endou Mamoru), Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou), Miyano Mamoru (Fubuki), Tano Megumi (Kabeyama), Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru), Miyahara Nami (Kogure), Sakaguchi Shuuhei (Tsunami), Tachibana Shinnosuke (Tachimukai) Drama CD comments, no summary

Not much in this month’s Animage for Inazuma Eleven except more teasers for the drama CD which I am patiently waiting to receive from animate/pet service to listen to fffffff I can’t wait \o/

I lol’ed at 6 out of 9 of the cast saying Kidou was the highlight of the CD, and mention of Fubuki’s doS. kininaru~~~
Kaji Yuuki (Ichinose) and Konno Jun (Domon) in the next issue <3 ~ I know they’re going to focus on America stuff, but I want to read about Fudou too. 8D
Anyway, they’re doing a second pressing of the drama CD at the official shop because of the popularity, so I hope that goes well \o/! After that, thinking about putting rips up, but I’m really liking the idea of waiting for them to sell out first. Let them know we want more cds!

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