Animage October 2010 + Prince Animage Summer 2010

Animage October 2010 + Prince Animage Summer 2010
Highlight: America VS Japan – Kaji Yuuki and Konno Jun (Ichinose/Fudou and Domon) + Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru) interview w/ summaries

Magazine scans~
October Animage (Kaji Yuuki and Konno Jun)

<- big lol squeal at this ლ(╹◡╹ლ) (Btw I also wonder if Kaji is wearing wolf and lightning bolt on purpose XD) Animage Prince (Nishigaki Yuka)

(lol)’s in parenthesis are from the actual article, while most other ()’s are my personal notes
Kaji Yuuki and Konno Jun (Ichinose/Fudou and Domon)
Comments on other players:
Kaji: Ichinose and Endou’s feelings towards soccer are very similar, that’s why they can just start playing against each other without even telling each other their names.
Konno: Endou is like a mother to Domon (lol). Recalling scenes like the time when Domon and Endou talked on top of the Inazuma Caravan

Unicorn Duo Dylan and Mark
Konno: Mark is a very typical person, with the same figurative scent as Domon (lol)
Kaji: Unlike the other teams, there isn’t as much of a presence of “Captain and the rest” but more of the combination of these two.

Konno: In short terms, Kidou and Domon’s relationship is “superior and subordinate” (lol). But after they both joined Raimon, Domon changed from calling Kidou “Kidou-san” to just “Kidou”, and Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou’s voice actor) likes to tease Konno about it whenever it comes up.

Konno: Domon seems amused with Ichinose and Rika’s relationship. “Do it, Darling!” (Butterfly Dream). Speaking of which, she wasn’t at the America vs Japan match. Maybe she wasn’t at school break or something? (yearly timeline for this series, do need. Or maybe time is super-dimensional in Inazuma too. Oh wait, the movie.)

Konno: Out of the four from America, Nishigaki was the one to keep their promise in the most normal fashion, going to Kidokawa Seishuu and dealing with those noisy Mukata triplets. He was so touched almost to the point of tears when the America group reunited, he’s such a good kid!
Kaji: Poor guy, getting Tri-Pegasus taken from him (sad lol)

Konno: Aki is “The neighborhood older sister Domon looks up to”. Even though they’re the same age.
Kaji: Aki probably likes Endou. But a lot of girls like Endou.
Konno: Does Endou have any interest in girls in the first place? We know he likes soccer, but…
Kaji: Well, that’s what they like about Endou (lol). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Aki has those kind of feelings for Ichinose, so she seems to dodge around it pretty well.
Konno: Aki dodges like the matrix
Kaji: Ichinose sounds very much like an adult sometimes, like when he calls Aki at the end of ep 96.

Their first encounter with Inazuma Eleven
Konno: His first role in the anime wasn’t with Teikoku’s Henmi or Domon. In fact, it was Usui right from episode 1.
Kaji: Kaji was asked to voice Ichinose for starters. Since Ichinose comes in the middle of practically nowhere, he was wondering what kind of character he was playing, so he played the first game, only to find that he never shows up in the storyline (lol). He then found out that Ichinose was a hidden character in the game, so he had thought that he’d just be a guest character. And now he’s been in the cast ever since. 😀

Kaji: Ichinose is so “refreshing” it’s almost annoying, so every time Kaji goes up to the mike to voice him he swears he hears murmurs from the rest of the cast XD As if all of his lines end in a ☆. “It’s me! ☆”
Also, Kaji likes Rika’s character, but he can’t help but wonder if Ichinose would’ve held up a cooler image (instead of being pestered around) if they hadn’t met.
And they speculate the famous Ichinose hand pose was something that was popular back in America, since Domon does it too.

Ichinose and Domon would make a good husband/wife pair?!
Konno: Domon sees Ichinose as his lifetime hero, and notes how the relationship developed from “I can’t do anything but look at him from behind” to “I’ll look after your back and protect you!”
Kaji: If Ichinose and Domon were a boy and girl, they’d make a good husband and wife.
Konno: Yepyep
Kaji: And Ichinose has absolute trust in Domon.
Konno: They’re like family already.
And no one knows where Ichinose was staying while he was in Japan……. They mention Domon’s place or the clubhouse as possibilities (lol) but really……..

Konno: Watching Kaji at the side while performing both Ichinose and Fudou, going “impressive work for one person”
Kaji: Nakamura Yuuichi and Sound Director Mima also commented and said Kaji seemed to be having fun doing the roles
Ichinose is the easier voice to bring out. For Fudou, he had to concentrate more to bring his voice lower, but nowadays he doesn’t really have to concentrate on that as much (lol).
He had to re-record the line where he says “You‘ll be the one lending me a hand” (ep 92) like 10 times because it needed to be done “tenderly with all the bite gone”. Kaji says it just goes to show there’s probably another side of Fudou that people don’t know about ♥♥♥
Comments on Sakuma’s disability to read the atmosphere www He’s all KidouKidou himself.
Konno: Kageyama and Sakuma like Kidou too much~
Kaji: Including Genda, the people at Teikoku are inseparable existences for Kidou. Domon and Ichinose, Endou and Gouenji also. So when Fudou makes fun of Kidou, Sakuma takes it like he’s the one getting made fun of.

Would Fudou get along with Ichinose and Domon?
Konno: Domon would probably get along with Fudou since they both used to be in the villain role (lol). But Fudou would have to start that friendship off.
Kaji: Ichinose has a really strong sense of faith and justice, so he probably has a big distaste for Fudou already. But he’d probably at least acknowledge his skills in soccer.
Konno: He’s the one who broke through Rolling Thunder, after all.

Kaji: He imagines the coming back to America scene something like “Domon, come with me to America ☆” “Sure, okay! Then let’s go!” Then at least invite Nishigaki too! (lol)

If Ichinose’s operation doesn’t succeed, will he become “magician of the bench” instead of “magician of the field?”
Kaji: Nooooooooooo, that’s Fudou’s roleeeeeee

Future hopes
Konno: I’d like to see an Ichinose vs Domon setup sometime.
Kaji: Me too~
Konno: Maybe when they grow up they’ll end up on different teams. Or maybe Domon would fall into the dark side again.
Kaji: He would, it suits him.
Konno: Yeah… hey!
Kaji: Oh and for Ichinose to completely heal to have a full-out match against Inazuma Japan again, with no worries this time! Then enter the pro youths and invite Aki over.
As for Fudou, he can still be the lone wolf and joker role, then go ahead and pull the strings whenever Kidou loses his way.
Konno: Domon doesn’t really stand out with his abilities, but I want him to keep following Ichinose.
Kaji: Yep, married couple. And I hope Inazuma Eleven inspires people to become national players for Japan in the future.
Konno: Then they can shoot all the Fire Tornados they want.
Kaji: Ahaha not happening. But they could imitate hairstyles. Maybe we’ll get one with a mohawk.


Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru) Interview
Nishigaki: When she first saw the lineart of Kazemaru, she thought he’d be like a ninja. And with the name Kazemaru, in combination with the crossed arms pose, she could imagine he’d be fast on his feet and hard to catch off guard, the cool type.
uuu when she was playing the 2nd game, she kept getting depressed at certain story developments and had to bring up the willpower to start playing again. XD; Particularly when Kurimatsu and Kazemaru had to leave the team. Big shock for her. While she didn’t have any role in the anime for 4 months, she still watched weekly and cried at the scene with Kurimatsu’s letter. TwT;

Even before miyasaka’s appearance in the anime, she recruited Miyasaka in the game (not sure if she did in the other games, but I assume she got him in the first at least since that’s the one you can actually visit the Athletic Club room in). She was really happy to hear that Miyasaka would be appearing in the anime. And the seiyuu for Kurimatsu and Max were both really happy for her~ girls voicing guys party XD

Her personal favorite combi is Kazemaru with Endou, of course~

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