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Title: Inazuma Eleven イナズマイレブン
Airing: October 5, 2008 – April 27, 2011
Number of episodes: 127
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Plot Summary: The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born. Even though his skills are incredible, his school lacks a real soccer club as the six other members don’t appear very interested even in training. But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou’s town, and the club receives a challenge by the 40-year Football Frontier championship holder, Teikoku Academy, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team.

Opening Themes:
#1: “Tachiagariyo” by T-Pistonz (eps 1-26)
#2: “Maji de Kansha!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 27-54)
#3: “Tsunagariyo” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 55-67)
#4: “Katte Nakou ze!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 68-87)
#5: “GOOD Kita!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 88-107)
#6: “Bokura no Goal!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 108-127)

Ending Themes:
#1: “Seishun Oden” by Twe’lv (eps 1-26)
#2: “Seishun Bus Guide” by Berryz Kobo (eps 27-50)
#3: “Ryuusei Boy” by Berryz Kobo (eps 51-67)
#4: “Otakebi Boy WAO!” by Berryz Kobo (eps 68-87)
#5: “Maji Bomber!!” by Berryz Kobo (eps 88-101)
#6: “Shining Power” by Berryz Kobo (eps 102-112)
#7: “Mata ne… no Kisetsu” by Inazuma All-Stars (eps 113-127)

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Title: Inazuma Eleven GO イナズマイレブン GO
Airing: May 4, 2011 – April 11, 2012
Number of episodes: 47
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Plot Summary: Matsukaze Tenma, a first year who loves soccer, has exceptional dribbling skills, but still has lots of room for improvement. The story starts with him entering Raimon Jr. High ten years after the first Football Frontier International, where Raimon has become famous for its soccer. However, an organization called Fifth Sector has taken control of soccer over the years, and the passion that Raimon once had for soccer is no longer there.

Opening Themes:
#1: “Ten Made Todoke” by T-Pistonz + KMC (eps 1-18)
#2: “Naseba Naru no sa Nanairo Tamago” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 19-33)
#3: “Ohayou! Shining Day” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 34-45)
#4: “Uchikudaaku!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 46-47)
Ending Themes:
#1: “Yappa Seishun” by Sorano Aoi CV: Kitahara Sayaka (eps 1-18)
#2: “Kanari Junjou” by Sorano Aoi CV: Kitahara Sayaka (eps 19-33)
#3: “HAJIKE-YO!!” by Sorano Aoi CV: Kitahara Sayaka (eps 34-45)
#4: “Ohayou! Shining Day” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 46-47)

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Title: Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone イナズマイレブンGO 2 クロノ・ストーン
Airing: April 18, 2012 – May 1, 2013
Number of episodes: 51
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Opening Theme:
#1: “Jounetsu de Mune ATSU!” by T-Pistonz + KMC (eps 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17)
#2: “Kandou Kyouyuu” by T-Pistonz + KMC (eps 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18)
#3: “Shoshin wo KEEP ON!” by T-Pistonz+KMC (eps 19-)
#4: “Raimei! Blue Train” by T-Pistonz+KMC
Ending Theme:
#1: “Natsu ga Yattekuru” by Sorano Aoi [CV: Kitahara Sayaka] (eps 1-18)
#2: “Te wo Tsunagou” by Matsukaze Tenma, Tsurugi Kyousuke, Sorano Aoi [CV: Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, Kitahara Sayaka] (eps 19-)
#3: “Bokutachi no Shiro” by Inazuma Eleven GO All-Stars [CV: Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, Saiga Mitsuki, Kobayashi Yuu, Tomatsu Haruka]
#4: “Seishun Oden” by Sorano Aoi, Seto Midori, Yamana Akane, Nanobana Kinako [CV: Kitahara Sayaka, Mina, Yurin, Yuuki Aoi]

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy イナズマイレブンGO ギャラクシー
Airing: May 8, 2013
Number of episodes:
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Opening Theme:
#1: “Gachi de Katou ze!” by T-Pistonz+KMC
#2: “Chikyuu wo Mawase!” by T-Pistonz+KMC
Ending Theme:
#1: “Katte ni Cinderella” by Sorano Aoi, Konoha Morimura [CV: Kitahara Sayaka, Yuuki Aoi]
#2: “Fashion☆Uchuu Senshi” by COLORS Sorano Aoi & Mizukawa Minori [CV: Kitahara Sayaka & Takagaki Ayahi]

Japanese title: 劇場版 イナズマイレブン 最強軍団オーガ襲来
Romaji: Gekijouban Inazuma Eleven Saikyou Gundan Ogre Shuurai
English: Inazuma Eleven the Movie – Attack of the Strongest Army, Ogre

Theater Airing: December 23, 2010
Video release: July 20, 2011
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Japanese title: 劇場版 イナズマイレブン GO 究極の絆 グリフォン
Romaji: Gekijouban Inazuma Eleven GO Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon
English: Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie – The Ultimate Bonds, Gryphon

Theater Airing: December 23, 2011

Japanese title: イナズマイレブンGO vs ダンボール戦機W
Romaji/English: Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W

Theater Airing: December 1, 2012

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