Animage December 2010

Animage December 2010
Highlight: Series Composition + Screenplay Writers Part 2 – Yamada Ken’ichi, Higuchi Tatsuto, Fukushima Yukinori, Inari Akihiko (Screenplay), Tomioka Atsuhiro (Series Composition) interview w/ summaries

WARNING: MAJOR 3RD SEASON SPOILERS and 2nd season too… and 1st season. IT’S ALL CONNECTED
Page 1: Yamada Ken’ichi (Screenplay) interview:
Episode that left the biggest impression: Ep 12 and the steel bars!!
Things to watch out for when writing out Kageyama: Making sure he stayed in the evil role to the very end, even at death.
Impressions from episodes the others have written: He likes Tomioka’s everyday life scenes from ep 89 and though it was a lot of fun to see them take a break from practice and go out shopping.
Things you want to write about concerning Endou and the others: More interaction between Endou’s group and their opponents. By bringing in other people, he’d be able to bring out more of the Endou group’s charm.

Memorable quote among the episodes Yamada has written:
“I’ll tell you the greatest creation I’ve ever made! That is… You, Kidou!” ~Kageyama Reiji (ep 38)

Page 2: Higuchi Tatsuto, Fukushima Yukinori, Inari Akihiko (Screenplay), Tomioka Atsuhiro (Series Composition) interview (part 2)
Mostly a discussion of why Kageyama Reiji “had to die”. In order to preserve his value, Kageyama had to lose his life.
Tomioka explains that the idea of Kageyama’s death came from the anime side (from Yamada Ken’ichi). After some passionate talks, Yamada was able to convince Pres Hino to add the death to the game as well. Pres Hino called up the game staff on his cellphone right there and then and told them to have Kageyama die. Tomioka imagined the staff wailed when they heard it because it was relatively not long before the game was due for release. Lols ensue from the rest of the screenplay writers.

Tomioka then notes about the other times when ideas from the anime end up getting mixed into the game, such as the Reize to Midorikawa situation in the FFI. He hadn’t known that in the 2nd game, Reize loses his memories and ends up wandering around Kyoto. So building upon his habit about using famous sayings, they brought in the element of him “creating his alien character”, and Pres Hino approved it since he found it interesting. XD Tomioka imagines the game staff going “Eh? Then he didn’t actually lose his memories?!”

Tomioka feels some pity for Kidou because all of his drama ends up involving Kageyama. So if he were to be asked to write some kind of drama between Kidou and say Kurimatsu….. he wonders if it’d even be possible (lol).
Fukushima: Kidou and Kurimatsu? That sounds fun! (lol)

Speaking of unimaginable matchups, about Fukushima’s ep 100 with Hiroto and Kogure…
Hiroto was decided early on, but they were noting how Kogure was the only tsukkomi in the team full of serious kids. Fudou is cynical, and Someoka and Tsunami are really head-on about things, so they went with Kogure.

So… Everyone in Inazuma Japan seems to have a prominent role.
Tomioka: Yes, we’ve got Ikemen Eleven right now, and everyone seems to be a main character…
It’s unlike the first season where some characters where some were there to just fill in, although Sakuma is in the position of “Kidou’s wife” to listen to all of his troubles.

(omg I can’t believe he really said this part, this has me rolling around www)

Some discussion over the struggles of involving the characters with such a large cast. Higuchi feels sorry for Toramaru since his contribution to the story would have been over almost as soon as he appeared if not for ep 101. Tomioka adds that by putting together characters who normally don’t interact, they can show more charming sides of the characters.

Page 3
Inari mentioned how he likes Yamada’s line “I’ll tell you the greatest creation I’ve ever made! That is… You, Kidou!”, and Tomioka mentions Pres Hino had taken a liken to it as well.
Inari then mentions Oonogi Hiroshi’s ep 17, and ever since then Gouenji always uses the ball to talk it out with people (lol). Among his own eps, 7/8 (Mikage Sennou) and 14… and he describes how he brought in Ukishima and Kageno since he wanted a way to bring out Kageno, and Ukishima just happened to look similar. xD;

Neo Japan was another part of the story that started off in the anime and was brought into the game later on, including giving Desarm his Japanese name (Fukushima: He was Japanese?!), mixing up their moves like using God Knows, bringing Hitomiko back in, etc. When they were discussing it with Pres Hino, the pres went “Then you could have the coaches have a faceoff with their strategies!” which caught Fukushima off guard since he hadn’t thought of that yet. All in all, Desarm-sama saved the staff since they needed to make more episodes before the opening ceremony at the world stage (timed in with the game’s release).

According to plan, next spring is when the world arc reaches its climax. The staff talk about what else they wanted to put in. Tomioka wanted to involve the Aliea Academy members more, and also have the first season members with Endou more. Inari wanted to give Gouenji more lines. XD; Tomioka mentions that Gouenji doesn’t get much of a chance to talk in Inari’s episodes since they’re mostly matches, where he’s shouting hissatsu names or following Kidou’s signs and such. And unfortunately he’s not the type of character to say much in general anyway. ;;

Higuchi notes that Natsumi plays an important role in the last parts of the arc, so he wants to be able to write those out for what they’re worth. And her reason for coming back… Tomioka says the story will follow the original for the most part, but to look forward to the original episodes they work into it, especially for those who like the first season Raimon characters. Fukushima says he’ll work hard to make Endou and Rococo’s story as awesome as he can. Inari says he’ll keep working those hissatsu techniques in the matches!~

Next issue is Inazuma Eleven front cover, with interviews from Miyao Yoshikazu (movie and anime series director for 2nd season), Takeuchi Junko (Endou), Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Kidou).

And err, I forgot to scan it, but after the fanart pages in the Animage issue there Animage had received letters concerning this image, so they had asked the staff, which confirmed that all of the kids at Aliea Academy were all from the orphanage, at least at one point or another. Although we only saw members from Gaia during flashbacks in the orphanage, it only meant the others were offscreen or others had come in at a later time

Also this extra bit sent in from someone on the japanese forums, from Nindori magazine:

According to Nagano Takusou (the original character designer for the games) Mac’s character was the easiest to draw among the foreign characters, including Teres and Edgar. And he makes an extra note that the players generally DO wear the tights under their uniforms (as you can see from Mac’s action pose) XD;

There’s likely to be some news about the fourth series at the upcoming 2nd fan appreciation festival too. December will be busy busy busy for Level-5 and co. o>

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