Prince Animage Winter 2012

Prince Animage Winter 2012
Highlight: Females voicing dudes – Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou Takuto) and Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview, Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru Ichirouta) and Tano Megumi (Kabeyama Heigorou) interview, Sanpei Yuuko (Aphrodi) interview w/ summaries

Saiga Mitsuki (Shindou Takuto) and Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview
Again, rather than an interview, it’s more like commentary from the seiyuu on various characters.


Matsukaze Tenma
✿ The one who started it all. The rest is pretty self-evident xD

Nishizono Shinsuke
✿ He and Tenma really brighten up the team’s atmosphere

Hamano Kaiji
✿ Another happy-bringer to the team. In charge of smiles.

Tsurugi Kyousuke
✿ Kobayashi voiced young Kyousuke.
✿ Saiga notes how little Tsurugi talks recently, so little that sometimes she goes “oh, he was there!” But she also relates Tsurugi to Kirino in that they both watch over the team.

Kurama Norihito
✿ Saiga thinks of Kurama and Shindou being similar. They’re both serious types with the tendency to get deep into their own thoughts. They’re conscious of their actions normally, but they’re also the type to hold off until something explodes within them in the end. As an example, when Kurama accuses Tenma of being the one taking soccer from them instead of Fifth Sector, he was able to say things straight out of his mind that other people were possibly thinking in at least a small part of their mind. Saiga also notes that Minamisawa’s leave probably also sent Kurama over the edge since Kurama looked up to Minamisawa. (TwT~~~)
✿ The two also talk about how strict Kurama is with himself, how he doesn’t naturally smile much. They don’t remember him ever breaking out in laughter. In the end song “Kanari Junjou” he looked nice, although he was apparently just talking to his mom (see Animage November 2011 issue).
✿ He seems to be the type to frustrate about things silently instead of complaining.

Kurumada Gouichi
✿ His Dash Train “Shupoo!” sound effect was ad-libbed right from the get go. The recording studio fills with smiles when it comes up~
✿ The “shupoo!” in ep 18 was also ad-libbed. When they got the script and were told to ad-lib the scene, they saw Shindou was just smiling really brightly and went something like “What would make Shindou smile that much?” “Shupoo-, wouldn’t it?”, and so it was.

Hayami Tsurumasa
✿ The negative character who doesn’t get carried away by the mood easily. In that sense, he’s a bit of a relief. They’ve noticed that he’s stopped being so negative after the Kaiou match.

Amagi Daichi
✿ Very straightforward person who says what he thinks. Straightforward in a different way from Kurama. Kobayashi likes Amagi’s type. XD

Sangoku Taichi
✿ Feeling sorry for Burning Catch with an 80% failure rate.
✿ Kobayashi apologizing for her cruel line: “Sangoku-san can’t block that as he is right now!”
✿ Defending his importance in the team. He makes pudding! He’s a kind man!

Ichino Nanasuke and Aoyama Shunsuke
✿ Welcoming the two back into the team… and bench. Hoping they get more action!

Kageyama Hikaru
✿ Saiga: Definite genius type. Looking forward to seeing what he does in the future!

Nishiki Ryouma
✿ Saiga: He appears to be the genius type on the outside, but actually he’s a very hard worker behind the scenes.

Kariya Masaki
✿ Kariya is a bit of a bullying type, but that’s because of the environment he grew up in. Yet none of the other teammates know about that (lol). But everyone on the team knows through his plays that his love for soccer is real.

Minamisawa Atsushi
✿ Saiga notes that a part of her wants Minamisawa to come back, but realizing that he’s already a third year… not likely to happen? XD

Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru Ichirouta) and Tano Megumi (Kabeyama Heigorou) interview
Reflections on the OB Inazuma characters

Endou Mamoru
Tano: Captain seems to have calmed down quite a bit.
Nishigaki: Yeah, he grew up…
Tano: I miss the times when he went around doing silly things.
Nishigaki: With his slightly tanned appearance, he looks even manlier now.
Tano: And he’s really settled down in life…
Nishigaki: Well, after all, Endou’s now… eheheh.
*The atmosphere got heavy here so they cut the subject off.

Kidou Yuuto
✿ Didn’t graduate from his dreads. But he did graduate from the goggles to just regular glasses. They think either because the goggles made his eyes go bad or they just weren’t fitting anymore. XD
✿ He also graduated from the cape, or so they think. Could be he still wears them in his Italy matches, and that they sell goods with “KIDOMAN” written on them.

Kazemaru Ichirouta and Kabeyama Heigorou
✿ Both seiyuu were told not to change their voices too much for their older counterparts.
✿ For the record, Edgar looks like Kazemaru, not the other way around! (lol)

Fubuki Shirou
✿ His hair got more energetic (lol). And what’s his occupation, really?

Someoka Ryuugo
✿ A definite image change. White suit, white hat, extended hair a bit. Flashier. Nishigaki wonders if it’s a result of going to Italy, like Mister K.

Kogure Yuuya
✿ This surprised Nishigaki since even though the rest of his body grew up, his face still looks the same as ever (lol).
✿ Also surprised Tano, and even more when the voice was the same as ever too (lol).

Fudou Akio
✿ Nishigaki wonders what got Fudou to stop going with the mohawk. She wonders if Fudou decided to shave it all off at first to grow out the hair. “I want to see him as a skinhead!”
✿ Tano wonders too~ “Maybe he got interested in girls?”
✿ Nishigaki: “I want to be popular too!” (lol)

Megane Kakeru
✿ Tano wonders if Megane is a pro soccer player… (lol)
✿ Nishigaki thinks he’d be perfect as a stock trader.

Sakuma Jirou
✿ Beautiful as always. But after seeing the Happy Feet 2 Collab CM, Tano went “he’s so tiny!” (lol).
✿ Tano thought he would’ve cut his hair when he got old, but it got longer instead. And his cowlick has been fixed a bit too.
✿ Tano’s impression is that Sakuma isn’t too interested in girls after what he said to Akane (“no photography”) (lol). Or that girls just make him nervous but he wouldn’t show that past his cool expression.

Ishido Shuuji
✿ Lot of “maybe he’s” talk, but really not much substance. XD;

Sanpei Yuuko (Aphrodi) interview
✿ Jokes about how everyone still calls him Aphrodi instead of his actual name Afuro. Then again, it would be weird to say Afuro, since it’s pretty much “afro”.
✿ tsukkomi about Aphrodi calling Someoka without any honorifics. Speculations that since they both play internationally, they have run-ins with each other so they know each other on a more familiar basis.
✿ Interviewer notes that Aphrodi has yet not been part of the winning team in all of his four match appearances. Only from what you see in the anime!
✿ The eyecatch with Aphrodi saying the “12.23 Inazuma Eleven GO” phrase only aired on networks like BS Japan (not on TV Tokyo, the home station for Inazuma) and will also be on the DVD.

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