Character Song Messages From the Voice Actors (GO)

Inazuma Eleven GO Character Song Original Album Questions:
1) Please tell us your first impressions about the song you sang.
2) Please tell what points you focused on when you sang your song.
3) Please give a message to the Inazuma Eleven GO fans!

Personal notes: Kobayashi’s keigo is interesting as usual. And like her Kazemaru counterpart, she writes the most out of the whole cast lol. Yocchin writes almost nothing like usual. XD

Matsukaze Tenma (CV: Terasaki Yuka)
1) It’s a very cute song, and just like the title says, it’s also a very refreshing one.
The song’s rhythm is also very jumpy, and it was a lot of fun to sing!
I’ll join Raimon and play soccer! I sang it while thinking of Tenma’s bright feelings like that.
2) This was only my second time doing a character song, so I once again realized how difficult they are to do!
I put a picture of Tenma on the music stand, and I sang while thinking how would Tenma sing it? Is this Tenma? I thought about how Tenma would be in the recording session the whole time.
3) I was really happy to be able to express Tenma in yet another new way!! I hope everyone who listens to this album will cheer up. I’m quietly hoping that we’ll get to do a live performance with the character songs (lol)

Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Oohara Takashi)
1) When I first heard it, it felt like Kyousuke was butting into his brother’s song. But as we sang it, I think it gradually became a song for the two of us.
2) I knew I had to do it in Kyousuke’s character, but it was still really hard. After all, it’s KYOUSUKE, and I kept wondering “how does he look like when he sings?!” I was given the hint “Sing it like your brother is with you by your side, and the two of you are smiling together.” So I became more conscious of that hint rather than thinking of just Kyousuke.
3) Thank you so much for always supporting Inazuma Eleven GO.
With this album, you’ll be able to see unexpected faces of the Raimon members? Or maybe deeper parts of their hearts? Since they’re usually just playing soccer, you’ll get to see their charm in many new ways with this luxurious album. I’ll be happy if you enjoy it!!

Shindou Takuto (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
1) While refreshing, there’s also a sense of strength to it. That was my impression, and when I sang it, that feeling never changed.
2) While feeling happy that people would get to hear Shindou singing, I put my feelings into singing like Shindou.
3) I’m really grateful people will get to hear Shindou in a character song, to add to the game and anime. Please relisten to it over and over again, and support us so that everyone in the Raimon Eleven can sing in another album!

Nishizono Shinsuke (CV: Tomatsu Haruka)
1) I never thought I’d get to sing the school theme, so it really got me excited! It brought me back to my school days, and it really was fun to sing it in the recording studio. ☆
2) I imagined Shinsuke would be having a lot of fun singing it, so that’s the impression I brought with me to the recording session. So rather than focus on just being Shinsuke, I did my best to have fun with it, with an energetic and big voice.
3) I think it’s a song with lots of energy from the first-years!
I’ll be happy if everyone joins in singing it and feels like they’re one of Raimon’s students too. ☆

Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)
1) It’s a bright melody very befitting of Aoi, and it made me realize again that as a manager, I have to do my best to support the team!
2) I sang while keeping in mind Aoi’s straightforwardness and her cute ways of supporting everyone.
3) Since lots of love went into this, I’ll be very happy if everyone listens to this and comes to love the Inazuma Eleven GO they already love even more!
Look forward to Inazuma Eleven GO as it gets even more heated up and please keep supporting us!

Kariya Masaki (CV: Tai Yuuki)
1) It’s a fast-paced yet refreshing melody. The lyrics are filled with straight-out lines of Kariya’s unstoppable love for soccer, so it was fun to learn the song too.
It really is a fast-paced song, so it was hard to make sure I could keep up with the pace. I used all the time I could get to sing it, and it was a lot of fun.
2) Kariya usually sees things in a slanted way, but he’s actually the type to face up to what he likes upfront. So I sang with Kariya’s feelings of “I love this!”
3) “After-School Chemistry” involves Hikaru-kun and Kariya’s completely opposite personalities, so I think that was really interesting. Please listen to it while thinking about how the two would sing it together.
It’d be great if we could all do events where we sing the school theme.
Look forward to the album!

Kageyama Hikaru (CV: Fujimura Ayumu)
1) It’s a very energetic song that conveys love for soccer straight from the heart.
The lyrics convey that even though there are difficulties on the way, there are positives in believing in your own potential and the bonds with your friends. It was especially difficult to express the passion for this, so if that was conveyed, I’ll be happy.
2) I don’t normally get to sing as a male character, so this was a fun and new experience for me.
Hiikaru is a very bright and energetic boy, but he also faces up to himself and other people and faces his own problems as well. Within the fast-paced melody, I was conscious of those feelings while I sang.
3) It’s a very straightforward song that gives people energy!
I’ll be happy if you’ll believe you can challenge anything from it, not just soccer.
This time was a duet with Kariya-kun, so please hum it with your friends and enjoy it (lol)!

Kirino Ranmaru (CV: Kobayashi Yuu)
1) When I first heard the song, it really sucked me into the Inazuma world. The melody leaves a big imperssion, and I was really excited that the melody was something that I ended up humming to myself very quickly.
The lyrics are also written from the characterization, and it conveys the conflicts that were overcome with courage and passionate feelings.
This time I got to sing as Kirino Ranmaru-san, and I was very happy for it to be a duet with the character who is his best friend and the captain, Shindou Takuto-san.
Actually, after the recording session, the song was still stuck in my head and I found myself humming it.
2) I went over a bunch of different ways of how Ranmaru-san would sing this piece.
The lyrics are very befitting of the world setting, and would almost fit as regular dialogue… so to sing it rather than just say it, I put my effort into that aspect of it.
I was very careful to sing it in Ranmaru-san’s tone of voice while watching out for his feelings as a character.
I sang after Saiga Mitsuki-san, but I was motivated by Saiga-san’s voice and am very grateful for it.
While doing the unison chorus parts, I could hear Saiga-san’s voice, so it was like the captain actually had my back. I was grateful for it.
It felt like Shindou-san was there with me, and during the recording, we were able to join our feelings to sing it out.
3) Thank you to all the fans for always supporting Inazuma Eleven GO.
I’m Kirino Ranmaru’s voice, Kobayashi Yuu.
I will continue to do my best to perform as Kirino Ranmaru-san.
And I wish to do my best with the rest of the Raimon Eleven team.
Please continue to support Inazuma Eleven GO and the Raimon Eleven!

Sangoku Taichi (CV: Satou Kensuke)
1) My first impressions from the song was that it was refreshing. And “Minamisawa!!”
When I tried singing it, I realized how difficult it was…
It seems I have some habits when I sing, so I kept saying “guooo!” when I notice the gap between the refreshing image of the tune and how I sing it myself.
2) While having Sangoku-kun’s face in my mind, I tried to picture the song with that image…
Also, I tried to picture how it would look like if the two of them were singing it and how the atmosphere would look like.
3) I hope you enjoy both Sangoku-kun and Minamisawa-kun’s different feelings they put into the song!

Minamisawa Atsushi (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
1) This is a really refreshing song when you consider it’s Minamisawa-senpai… (lol). But with the lyrics that convey his stance with Sangoku, and the drama they went through, I think it makes it an amazing song.
2) I was conscious of bringing out the “allure” that makes Minamisawa Atsushi what he is, and to keep the song refreshing while I sang.
3) For those watching the series, I think this is a piece you will truly enjoy. Please listen to this combo song from the third-years!

Tsurugi Yuuichi (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
1) While the song is refreshing, it’s filled with many of the passionate feelings from these brothers.
It was very difficult, but I did my best to sing it with good feelings.
2) I disregarded my personal self as much as I could and focused on how this character would sing it, and how that image would look like.
3) My nephew(s) and niece(s) love this series themselves. I’m extremely happy to be a part of it.
Inazuma Eleven GO still has many developments to come, so please continue supporting it.

Endou Mamoru (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
1) While it’s a positive song, it gives off a grown-up aura.
The song with Someoka-kun feels like a class reunion, and both songs were rather difficult.
2) Not a jr. high school student, but a man in his 20s. Still, Endou-kun is still Endou-kun, so I sang it while being conscious of “having fun with all your might.”
3) Each of the characters have shown “feelings” that they can’t put into words packed into these songs.
I hope you grow to become more interested in these characters more as you listen to these songs.

Kidou Yuuto (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
1) This one’s going to be hard too… is what I thought, and it turned out to be really hard after all.
2) I brought myself into the character’s framework and framed the song with it.
3) Please enjoy the Inazuma Eleven world with its character songs too!

Someoka Ryuugo (CV: Kase Yasuyuki)
1) It really feels like Inazuma Eleven!
My impressions of the song was that it was going to be hard to do (lol)
2) All in all, I tried to be careful to sing it like Someoka.
3) It’s a song that’ll cheer you up!
Let’s all put it on repeat!

Source: Up-front Works

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