Animage February 2012

Animage February 2012
Highlight: Hakuryuu and ShuuFukuyama Jun (Hakuryuu) and Sawashiro Miyuki (Shuu) interview w/ summaries

Most of the interviews go over movie spoilers, so besides those…

✿ Fukuyama Jun did his recording session separate from the rest of the cast (busy man is busy). Sawashiro Miyuki however, was in the normal recording sessions.
✿ In the movie previews, there was a scene where Hakuryuu tells Tsurugi that Tsurugi is a “third-rate Seed”, but actually this scene isn’t even in the movie (lol).
✿ Fukuyama’s character of interest in the movie is Kibayama. A guy bad enough to do such terrible things to kids really sets things up for the movie. Also, long before the movie, was Kidou (age 14). Wearing those goggles and the cape is really the style guys come to admire for having the freedom to play around like that and still be cool. That’s what makes a rival character!
✿ Fukuyama also wraps up the interview by saying the movie is a piece of work with “a lot of calories”. The level of drama in the movie is sure to give even adults goosebumps.

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