Animage November 2010 + PASH! November 2010

Animage November 2010 + PASH! November 2010
Highlight: Series Composition + Screenplay Writers Part 1 –
Higuchi Tatsuto, Fukushima Yukinori, Inari Akihiko (Screenplay), Tomioka Atsuhiro (Series Composition) interview + Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru) and Kase Yasuyuki (Someoka) interview w/ summaries

Higuchi Tatsuto, Fukushima Yukinori, Inari Akihiko (Screenplay), Tomioka Atsuhiro (Series Composition) interview (Part 1, next part in next issue)
Bits about the work flow:
First Tomioka goes over Hino’s original work and works with it, adding episodes because the game material wouldn’t be enough for the running time the anime takes. Then he goes it over with the other screenplay writers (Yamada Ken’ichi is one of the main ones who couldn’t make it to the interview). They generally split the eps into sections of 5 at a time in 5 weeks (one month), although there are times when there are first/second halves and one person takes charge of both eps. A script on average is edited/rewritten four times within the 5-week period.

Every week, they have a meeting set up like this:

Tomioka comments that each meeting always take up about half the day, sometimes even up to 10 hours! That explains all the drinks and snacks they have around. And sometimes they call them super-dimensional meetings (lol).
Pres Hino and gang workin’ hard~~~

The proverbs at the end of the eps are decided after the eps are written, and pres Hino is especially particular about Endou’s lines because he’s clear cut on bringing encouraging messages to the audience at the end. 😀

And there are times when the staff definitely goes “This is a proverb?” For example, Fukushima is the one who came up with putting “The later a flower blooms, the more beautiful it is.” (ep 86) as the proverb, along with Endou going “haa…” at the end, since he imagines the kids viewing that to have the same reaction. XD

Yamada specializes in the parts involving Teikoku since ep 12.
Fukushima specializes in… Rika! Tomioka points out that Rika hadn’t even made an appearance for the opening for season 2 (Maji de Kansha) but they wanted to give her some development, so Fukushima had her fall for Ichinose. Also because Ichinose needed more… flavor besides just having this fluffy refreshing world with just him and Domon. XD; Anyway, Fukushima is the one to contribute most to Rika’s personality.
Higuchi had been absent for much of the Aliea arc, and for the FFI he’d been doing mostly episodes involving Tobitaka, Toramaru and Fidio. Thanks to that, they even brought upon ep 101 featuring Tobitaka and Toramaru~
Inari tends to handle match eps, and personally thinks they’re easier to write.

Some talk about the famous ep 55 scene~:
Tomioka interprets the main theme in Inazuma Eleven to be “Men looking up to other men”… or to say it in a way to keep people from misunderstanding (lololol), it’s similar to the chivalry movies from the Showa period in Japan. For example, because Gouenji looked up to Endou, he started to play soccer again for his little sister and joined the soccer club… So in the case with Someoka and Fubuki, it’s how the two, who had such a bad start with each other, came to understand each other more and more and become buddies. That’s why he really likes Higuchi’s episode about Tobitaka and Toramaru, and he wants to write more stories like it with the other characters. (<- yes, YES please do so all you want *runs*)

Lines they liked from the eps they’ve worked on:
Tomioka: Endou’s “GOD HAND!”
Inari: Kidou’s “Oh right, the goalkeeper, Endou… He’s the biggest idiot of all of them.” (ep 7)
Fukushima: Otomura’s “tontokutontokutontoku BINGO”
Higuchi: Megane’s “MEGANE CRASH!!” and the other moves used in ep 9~

Takeuchi Junko
And the 14-hour recording session for Endou Mamoru and Endou Kanon
Apparently the movie starts with an opening scene of Endou as a first year, with Handa and Someoka joining him. \o/

The first recording session was with Takeuchi playing Endou Mamoru’s role, from 10am to 12 at night. The tension was naturally high by the second half of the session, and something about poking at Kaji Yuuki (Ichinose) for fun. owo; Kanon has an even younger image than Endou in terms of voicing.
She finds Fubuki’s entrance in the movie funny XD; and Shimono’s dual role playing Handa and Fidio amusing.~

Kamiya Hiroshi (Baddap Sleed)
A long-time fan of Level-5, he had already played games 1-3, and was happy back when the anime for it had been announced. He kept hearing from people like Nakamura Yuuichi about how fun the recording sessions were, and he really appreciates the intention of the series to bring joy to children.

There’s a lot of ad-libbing to go with the recording session like all the “uhaa!” and “dohaa!” sound effects while playing the game, stuff you wouldn’t hear in a normal soccer game. And getting to “face off” against Endou after playing the games for so long was like a dream come true.

Kamiya’s favorite character?
Gotta be Kidou. A big part of it is because he simply likes Yoshino Hiroyuki’s voice, but also because of his conspicuous physical appearance. Also, Someoka because he stands out well among all the pretty characters ;; And because of Kase Yasuyuki’s voice too~

Apparently the two defenders and GK on the Ogre team are super powerful? XD

PASH! November 2010

Mmmmmmm, not too much to say about the Nishigaki Yuka (Kazemaru) and Kase Yasuyuki (Someoka) interview but:
When asked “Someone you’d like to do a hissatsu technique with?”
Kase: Mentions that he’s only done combo moves with Gouenji and Fubuki. Nojima Hirofumi (Gouenji) “getting jealous” about Someoka doing the combo shoots with Fubuki all the time. XD; Also mentions the loads of FWs around, but still would like to do a shoot with Endou-kun~
Nishigaki: Mentions being moved up from DF to MF, and glad to have a combo shoot with Kabeyama now since she’s been wanting one for a long time. Also, she’d like to do a combo DF move with Tsunami involving waves, or a shoot move with Someoka with something like “__ Crash”

Also more mentions of Edgar’s hairstyle being similar to Kazemaru. XD

Anyway, some personal comments… The Inazuma Eleven live-action looks better when I see these screenshots from the distance. XD; Perhaps I’d feel safer not seeing the characters up close www Still the DVD for it is soooo expensive…! Japan and their expensive DVDs orz I’m saving up for 3DS so it’s a definite cannot do XD;

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