News – Best Eleven Movie Summer 2014 (Updated)

An official site was opened to celebrate the news of the 5-Year Anniversary Best Eleven project getting a movie to be shown in theaters starting this summer!

Inazuma Best Eleven: Shuu, Gouenji, Tsurugi Shindou, Kidou, Tenma, Aphrodi Kazemaru, Kinako, Kirino Endou (Endou Kanon reserve)

Battle Eleven: Hakuryuu, Baddap, Matatagi Fei, Fudou, Saru, Gran Beta, Ozrock, […]

Animage July 2013

Animage July 2013: Highlight: InaDan staff Miyao Yoshikazu (Director), Nitta Norio (Producer), Takeuchi Kyouko (Character Design, General Supervision) interview no summary

Poster (those without access will not see the image):


News – Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W Movie DVD/bluray

Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W Movie Out on DVD/BD June 5, 2013!

Purchase at CDJapan: DVD [regular] | DVD [limited] bluray [regular] | bluray [limited]

Limited Edition bonuses: -Inazuma Graphig (paper craft), 1 random out of 4 types -Danball Senki W Golden Bookmark -Original Outer Case -Film Strip -Password for secret […]

Prince Animage Winter 2013 + PASH January 2013

Prince Animage Winter 2013: Highlight: InaDan Movie – Kimura Akiko (Fei Rune) & Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview, Oda Hisafumi (Kaidou Jin) interview no summary PASH January 2013: Highlight: Shinsengumi & dinosaurs – no summary

Posters (those without access will not see the image):


PASH Jan 2013:

Will also get to […]

Animage January 2013, Otomedia December 2012

Animage January 2013: Highlight: InaDan Movie Roman Album – Terasaki Yuka, Oohara Takashi, & Kitahara Sayaka (Tenma, Tsurugi, Aoi) interview, Inazuma Eleven cast comments, Kubota Megumi & Shimono Hiro (Ban & Hiro) interview, Danball Senki cast comments, Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview, Mitsuda Yasunori & Kondou Rei (Music) comments, TPK & Little Blue boX comments, New […]

Animage December 2012

Animage December 2012: InaDan Movie Intro Miyao Yoshikazu (Director) interview, w/ summaries

Posters (those without access will not see the image):


✿ When first told about the crossover, Miyao was quite surprised as he never expected it to actually happen. The preliminary plans for the movie were done around March, and that’s […]

News – InaDan Movie Character Poll Open

It opened early :O Vote once a day!

Voting Period: November 9 – December 17 at 17:00 Results posted on December 21.

The characters in the top 5 votes will debut in a “dream unit CD”. There will also be official Twitter icons made from the top characters. Furthermore, from December 14 onwards, number of […]

News – “Inazuma All-Stars x TPK” Collaboration Character Song Original Album, InaDan Movie OST Announced

*Update 11/28/2012* This tracklisting is outdated! Please refer to My lyrics translations site for the updated one.~

Just pulling this off the AmazonJP listing. I don’t see any updates on this on the Inazuma All-Stars site or anything, so take with caution that this information could change significantly.

“Inazuma All-Stars x TPK” Collaboration Character Song […]

News – Next Inazuma Eleven Movie announced: Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W

I’ll be frank, just check the Anime News Network post for more info.

The sneak peek also hints at offering amazing visuals, as well as many pre-opening promotions to come.

Also, to clear up any confusion, the characters from both series will be in the same world in this movie, and it won’t just be […]

News – Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD Planned For Release August 24th

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO Drama CD “Eien no Kizuna!!” (Eternal Bonds) Release: August 24, 2012

Summary: An original story following the events from Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie ~Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon An episode of Tenma, Tsurugi, and Shindou from the Raimon Eleven and Hakuryuu, Shuu and the others, all with their strengthened friendship. They’ll […]